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Brighton Pride 2017

Brighton and Hove Pride: Friday 4th – Sunday 6th August 2017  
Pride Festival: Saturday 5th August 2017  
Pride Community Parade: Saturday 5th August 2017  
Pride Village Party: Saturday 5th August – Saturday 6th August 2017  
Join us in August 2017 for the Summer of Love celebrations and soak up the colour, individuality and inclusivity that makes Brighton one of the most accepting cities in the world. 

Introduction to Brighton Pride  

Summer is here and with it comes one of Brighton and Hove’s biggest annual events, the Brighton Pride Festival. Brighton and Hove Pride, for those who don’t know, celebrates the sexual equality and global acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. It is a vibrant celebration that celebrates all that is colourful, diverse and unique about Brighton and Hove’s community.

The Pride Festival attracts visitors from across the globe to partake in its spectacular celebrations. Described by The Guardian as “the country’s most popular LGBT event,” the Brighton Pride Festival delivers unforgettable community celebrations. In Brighton, we believe that the Pride Festival is a chance for us all to gather as a community and declare our unity in an inclusive and colourful celebration.  

The History of Brighton Pride  

The Pride Festival in Brighton didn’t always exist. In fact, it didn’t begin until 1973 when a gay demonstration by The Sussex Gay Liberation Front marched around the city in celebration and support of the gay community. Pride returned in 1991, bringing hundreds to the streets of Brighton in support.

Since 1992, the Brighton Pride Festival has been increasing significantly in size through the support of sponsors, pubs, restaurants and much more. Brighton Pride became a charity in 2004 by raising awareness of issues affecting LGBT people. Since 2012, Pride has raised over £300,000 for local LGBT groups and is one of the most anticipated Brighton and Hove annual events.  

About Brighton Pride Festival 2017  

The Brighton Pride Festival is almost here once again! The long-awaited Community Parade is held on Saturday 5th August and is a carnival of colour, diversity and the coming together of the people of Brighton in support for the LGBT communities. The Carnival famously brings people from all walks of life out onto Brighton’s streets with rainbow flags, crazy costumers, sparkles, colour and noise. The festival is celebrated by thousands of people throughout the City and is always an event filled with laughter, colour, love and celebration.

Brighton and Hove Pride Festival attracts an estimated 300,000 people to the city every year, bringing in an estimated £18 million to the city’s economy. It is credited as one of the main ways Brighton has boosted its tourism. It is certainly regarded as the event of the year and, if you live in the city, is difficult to miss.  

Where to Buy Brighton Pride Tickets  

If you would like to celebrate Brighton Pride, purchase your tickets here. The tickets from Brighton and Hove Pride Festival raise money for the operational and running costs of the festival itself, LGBT Community Parade, Pride Village Party and community fundraising for the Rainbow Fund.  

Brighton Pride Line-Up 

The Pride Main Stage in Preston Park is always a focal point for the celebrations, with its world-class line-up of international singers and artists. From midday till dusk, the Brighton Pride Main Stage provides a celebration like no other.

Brighton and Hove Pride are proud to announce that the legendary Pet Shop Boys are headlining the Summer of Love Festival on Saturday 5th August in their first Pride performance in 20 years!

Brighton and Hove Pride are also proud to announce special guests Years & Years as a Pride Exclusive on the Festival Main Stage. Other artists include Becky Hill, M.O, Fickle Friends and KStewart joining the unforgettable line-up. For more details, discover the complete Brighton Pride Main Stage line-up information.  

All Brighton Pride Events  

Final Words  

If you would like more information about the Brighton Pride Festival, feel free to check out their website and immerse yourselves in their blog content to consume all the information you can to make your Brighton Pride celebrations as enjoyable as possible.  

Bamboo Nine is situated in the heart of Brighton and we love attending events throughout the city, soaking up the culture and celebrating the individuality that makes this seaside city stand out from the rest. We are excited at the prospect of celebrating Brighton Pride with the rest of the city this weekend and we hope to see many of you there.