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Creative Marketing: The Top 5 Funny Day-to-Day Problems

As many people who work in digital marketing, creative marketing, or marketing in general will know, there are some mind-numbing, yet hilarious tasks we have to deal with, day-in, day-out.Luckily, marketing is a fairly easy concept to familiarise with, even for people who don’t work in the industry.
Everyone who is in employment can find humour in their jobs, it’s just natural. If you work in retail, for example, you see a different side to customers, they can be annoying, idiotic and incredibly rude. If you work in a call centre, you get fed up of your own voice and start hating yourself for selling pensioners double-glazed windows for a ludicrous price.
In marketing, the same principles apply, we face incredibly complex, yet hilarious issues every single day.

How I See it, Digital Marketing is Like Dating

You might think this comparison is a little far-fetched, and you’d definitely have a point.

However, as all who work in digital marketing know, you’re constantly reaching out to an audience to increase their awareness of what you’re promoting or selling. So, if you break this concept down into its bare components, it follows a very similar formula to dating.
On a date, there needs to be an initial chemistry, and ice-breaker, something that immediately draws their attention. However, this works both ways, it’s all a learning curve, getting to know what their likes and dislikes are, what you share in common, and where you see yourselves in the future (maybe a bit too forward), all of this is relevant and essential in a date (from my limited experience).

Digital marketing is almost identical in comparison. When you post a tweet, for example, and someone retweets it, or when you post a status and someone likes or shares it, it’s a positive reaction. Regardless of what it is, you’ve got them to interact. If it’s blatantly controversial and somewhat insulting, they may retweet it to mock or scrutinize. This isn’t really what you want, that’s like your date leaving halfway through dinner after you admitted you voted for Donald Trump.

  1. Designing For Mobile Is A Complete Nightmare

This is a problem every digital marketer has had to face at least once during their career. People don’t understand how much work goes into formatting a website, image, article, or anything. Why is this so difficult? Because not one size fits all. Think of the process like buying a pair of jeans for your family to share, sure, it’ll fit you, and maybe your brother, but Mum, Dad Grandma, the dog, and the cat will have serious trouble fitting into them.
See the issue? We have to compensate for browsers, phones, different phone sizes, tablets, different tablet sizes, browsers on phones, browsers on tablets, browsers on different servers on different phones and tablet sizes, it’s just never-ending.

  1. Outreaching – Everyone Hates You

In SEO, everyone hates you, even your own mother.
Outreaching SEO basically makes you feel like Satan trying to pitch his autobiography to God, no matter how genuinely ethical your offer, or service is, people will always assume the worst.
We’ve taken a refreshing take on digital marketing and offer full transparency to our clients, but to the public eye, it might appear as if we’re just another marketing company, which is a nightmare.
Because we’re not.
No, seriously.
The people that we regularly outreach to often reply with two things:

  1. No, we don’t deal with SEO companies, go away.
  2. Yes, we do accept guest contributions, for a small fee of your car, house, and children’s souls.

The thing is, we actually want to offer a great service for our outreach clients. However, people seem to have incredibly negative premonitions concerning SEO outreaching; they see the email subject: Digital Marketing Proposal’, or ‘Potential Guest Blogger’ and are immediately shunned. It’s almost like offering to carry a stranger’s shopping for them, they don’t trust you, and the offer and kindness seems too good to be true.

  1. People Offering Our SEO Sector SEO Services

We get at least 3 to 4 emails a day from SEO companies trying to coerce us into jumping on one of their deals. The irony surrounding this is that we obviously know what they’re up to, but the difference with us is that we want to ethically gain clients and offer a generally rewarding service for both ourselves and our prospective clients.
Though, getting emails every day from people claiming that they ‘loved our blog’ we wrote back in 2014 saying, ‘it changed their life’ and they want to offer us a ‘deal we cannot refuse.’ It’s not that we don’t believe in them, it’s just that we’re not interested, it’d be like someone trying to sell me strawberries at my strawberry stall and claiming theirs are better.

  1. Engaging Our Audience with ‘Dull’ Content

Whichever way you look at it, writing for companies that specialise in drainage, fire extinguishers, or concrete isn’t exactly the most breath-taking of topics.

While sometimes we do find scraps of interest within the barrel of boredom, most of the time the research we have to do can become quite mind-numbing. People seem to think that writing content is usually quite easy, wrong.

Call me bias, but we cover a vast range of topics, from concrete services to medical writing, and this means serious research is required. Most of the time we aren’t familiar with the topic or services the client offers, so this in itself requires extensive research before we put pen to paper, or, hands to keyboard.

5. Content Writing – Landing Pages for Tiny Villages & Towns

Landing pages are fantastic ways to optimise the SEO for an area you’re company or client specifically wants to target. For the most part, landing pages can be informative, interesting, and above all, sellable.

However, occasionally we find ourselves targeting areas that don’t necessarily need targeting…

Let me break it down, targeting somewhere like London is very important and this could see the client gain thousands of calls/services due to the vastness of London.  London is big, this means lots of people live here, which means lots of service, simple, right?

However, when the client asks to target somewhere like Fordwich – which has around 30 people – or any other area with a very low population, it can become quite the grueling task.

So, those were our top 5 current marketing grievances, are there any that you may have experienced? Maybe we haven’t even scratched the surface of day-to-day digital marketing problems, let us know if you’ve endured worse!