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How to Get a Job as A Content Writer

Every business needs content. Trust us, we know. Not just any content. Useful, informative, interesting content that people will want to invest their time in reading. As the role of the internet continues to play an even greater role in our lives, great content has become an increasingly valuable commodity.

With the popularity of various blogs and website content on several social media platforms, it could be understood that companies now want to show their powerful presence for better connectivity and networking. As the role of the internet continues to play an even greater role in our lives, great content has become an increasingly valuable commodity. With more brands embracing content marketing than ever before, the demand for online content writers continues to increase.

Do you want to become a content writer but you’re just not sure what skills you need or what is really required to get a job in this field? Well, we have all the answers you need right here in this article. If you want to become a successful content writer, you will need a full toolkit of marketable skills. Below are some of the skills you will need to make it in the world of content creation. We hope you find it helpful.


This first point may be your first hurdle because you may not have any qualifications. Generally, a content writer will need a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related subject, such as Journalism, English Literature or Language and Creative Writing. However, in many cases employers are more considered about writing and grammar skills than they are about education. If you can prove that you have good writing skills and are able to provide a portfolio of relevant work, employers are bound to be impressed. Check out my article on How to Find a Job in Digital Marketing for information on how to make yourself more appealing to potential employers.

Learn the Terminology

Does that title scare you? Don’t panic. It seems a lot more daunting than it really is. Besides, you only need the basics to start with – the rest. Employers are always impressed when you can communicate your knowledge of SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress. However, one thing always remains in demand and that is high quality content. Add your technical knowledge onto your list of accomplishments and you are sure to impress. Making yourself familiar with the terminology of digital content writing and how it all works will definitely help to set you apart from other writers.

Social Media

Use social media to get recognition. Successful content writers are social media specialists. They know how to create content that is engaging and gripping, with titles that are clickable and gain them shares. The more active you are on social media, sharing articles and promoting your blog, the more likely you will be to build your audience and gain followers who are willing to recommend your content to others. Recognition of you work as a content writer is essential and is easily possible by using media sites in the appropriate way.


To become a content writer, you will need to increase your visibility as a writer. A powerful portfolio is the best way you can showcase your skills to a potential employer. You need to prove to your potential employer that you can write on a variety of subjects. Create a portfolio of your published work to show your adaptability as a writer. Employers want writers who can adapt their writing to every article they are asked to write.


We can guarantee that potential employers will be viewing your LinkedIn profile to gauge your work experience and view how actively you are using your account. This is a great reason to publish any work you write under the ‘Publications’ section of your profile. Or, if you wrote something for one of the positions you have listed, you can add the content as a project under the relevant job. This is a great way to showcase your work to potential employers and to gain online recognition.


As a successful content writer, you must be original. That might sound difficult with so many other writers to compete with, but it is much easier than it seems. Ever writer has their own unique voice and is able to shed their own perspective on a potentially over-worked subject. The more you write, the more you will develop your own voice as a writer and the more your style will improve. As with anything, it will take time so be patient.


As an aspiring content writer, it is essential you have a solid grasp of usage, spelling and grammar. Naturally, every copywriter makes mistakes but, for a professional, that should be rare. My advice would be, if you’re not sure, look it up. You will be surprised how much you can teach yourself when you consistently look things up that you are unsure about. The more practice you have, the more you will improve. However, it is best to brush up on your grammar skills before the interview as some employers will ask you to complete a writing test during the interview. And if you are confident you know your stuff, you should breeze through.


As a writer, reading is essential. Every published writer throughout history has stated that they read…a lot! As an aspiring content writer, you must indicate that you enjoy reading and reading extensively. Reading has unlimited benefits and one of them is improving your writing, knowledge and style. Read as many varied blogs, articles, newspapers, books, reports, and as often as you can. You will certainly see the benefits in the improvement and development of your writing.

Learn While You are Doing It

It is worth remembering that, just like any other skill, you can prepare yourself as much as you like but, ultimately, content writing is a skill that you constantly develop and perfect over time. You will find that, even once you have taken a job as a content writer, you will continue to learn new things. And that’s good, we should never stop learning. A good content writer seeks constant improvement in their writing with every article they publish.
Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to get a job as a copywriter, go ahead and make a start. Don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back, just put your writing out there and keep practising and building your portfolio. Recognition and job opportunities are sure to follow.
Are you looking to become a copywriter? Let us know in the comments below if this article has been helpful to you. We would love your feedback!