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Pandas, Aerators, and LED lights; How Bamboo Nine is Keeping It Green

There is no denying it, our planet is warming and the rise in global temperatures is affecting weather patterns, plant growth, animal habitats and our everyday lives. The significant impacts of global warming are being felt by people all over the world and it’s time we act!

At Bamboo Nine, we are thankful to be situated in the heart of Brighton, a city that loves the environment, shopping organic, renewable energy and supporting people in making positive life-changes. The environmentally-conscious vibe of our city is forever encouraging us to improve our office environment and help everyone in it to lead an environmentally-friendly life. We are passionate about making positive changes that don’t just affect our daily lives, but help preserve a future for our children. Here’s how Bamboo Nine are keeping it green.

Changing the Pace by Walking to Work

At Bamboo Nine, we are lucky to be situated in a very central part of Brighton. Based on Upper North Street, we are easily accessible and many of our employees walk or cycle into work every day. We love that the location of our office allows our employees to walk in daily.

Walking or cycling instead of driving is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint because it significantly reduces pollution in the environment. According to The Energy Saving Trust, 48% of people in the UK use their cars unnecessarily at least once a week. By walking or cycling to work, the Bamboo Nine office, are able to significantly decrease their carbon footprint and we are proud to do our bit to help reduce carbon emissions.

Our Ideas Have Been Flowing with Aerators

In a busy office environment, with all the teas, coffees and glasses of water, our water usage can easily become significant. Therefore, saving water is very important. But how is this possible without compromising on water pressure? Well, at Bamboo Nine, we have recently discovered a solution; aerators. We have attached aerators to all the taps in our office to save on the amount of water we use.

Aerators are small, cheap attachments that can be easily fitted to any tap. They work by controlling the amount of water that flows through our taps without affecting the water pressure. They do this by acting as a sieve, separating a single flow of water into many tiny streams to aerate the water and reduce the flow. This has significant effects on water savings as water pressure is maintained, but the amount of water flowing out of the tap is reduced. And just think, not only is that beneficial for the environment but it is also a great way of reducing your water bill!

Supporting Another Lover of Bamboo

Bamboo Nine recently made the step to adopt an endangered species and lover of bamboo; the Giant Panda of China’s Quinling Mountains! We are passionate about protecting some of the most vulnerable animals on our planet and adopting the giant panda through WWF has allowed us to do this.

The giant panda is one of the most recognisable animals in the world and is certainly considered our company mascot! We think it’s safe to say that the giant panda loves bamboo as much as we do (well, okay, maybe a little bit more). Bamboo is the giant panda’s main food source, however it is very low in nutrients, so the giant panda has to eat a significant amount of it to survive – spending about 14 hours a day munching on bamboo shoots!
The giant panda is vulnerable due to factors such as deforestation, destroying their homes and being poached for their pelts. By adopting the giant panda, we are able to provide the support these giant pandas need. Our monthly contribution helps pay for the training of local rangers to monitor panda numbers and combat poaching, the establishment of new panda reserves, and the education of communities about forest resources to name a few. We are proud to support the giant panda and look forward to receiving our monthly updates about this incredible species and the progress being made!

Light Up the Office with LEDs

In our office, we are always looking for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint and make our office a green space our employees and clients can be proud of. The installation of our LED lights throughout the office has increased our energy-efficiency as a company. Not only do our LED lights help us save money on our electricity bill, they last a very long time and they do not build-up heat like conventional lightbulbs do. LED lightbulbs are one of the most energy-efficient ways to increase the light in your office environment, while keeping your carbon footprint low and the light levels ideal for working.

Paper Aeroplanes and Our Digital Platform Are Taking Off

As a result of adopting the giant panda, we have found out a lot about deforestation and the effects it is having on our environment and different animal species. That’s why we aim to have a paperless office. Although, completely eradicating paper is not entirely realistic for us, we generate all our reports and documents online which can be reviewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is not only extremely convenient, allowing for multiple people to work on a document at once, but it also saves paper!

Although we do have a printer and we will occasionally print off relevant information, we are a digital marketing agency and we do 99% of our work online. If we printed off every one of the documents we have stored online on our digital platform, it is likely to paper would fill our office! So, going digital has definitely helped us save paper and we would encourage other companies to go digital as much as possible. Together we can help reduce the effects of deforestation and maintain those habitats necessary for the survival of many animal species.

How Could You Go Green?

We know that we are using the world’s natural resources at an unsustainable rate and it’s time something is done – or countless species could become extinct. At Bamboo Nine, we are doing our best to save the environment through all the methods mentioned above and more!
Is there anything you are doing to reduce your carbon footprint? We would love to hear from you! Also, if you have any suggestions about how we could be doing more for the environment, leave your ideas in the comments below. We are always looking to improve and we would love to hear your ideas!