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What Is a Junior Copywriter and Why Be One?

A Junior Copywriter is someone just embarking on their role as a wordsmith of marketing. And it’s a very exciting role.

Copywriters are the heart and soul of marketing. We connect with people. We write the words that persuade the action. We wield a potent power in simply knowing how to put the most effective words together in the most effective order. 

At Bamboo Nine, we have a growing Content Team of clever copy creatives and you could be one of them.

This page will give you a unique insight into life as a Junior Copywriter in one of Brighton’s best and brightest agencies.

First off, who is Bamboo Nine?

Bamboo Nine is a digital marketing agency based in the heart of Brighton. Starting just eight years ago in a single room, we have since grown to become a thriving agency at the forefront of innovation in the industry. And with a swanky office to boot.

We work collaboratively and transparently on eCommerce sales, lead generation, and brand building with a vast portfolio of clients who have since seen their digital performance skyrocket. And content creation is a vital part of this.

Who is the Content Team?

We are the Content Team at Bamboo Nine. Hello. You are looking at experts in the art of persuasion. A team of copy enthusiasts with a dazzling flair for the written word. 

A small but mighty force, the Content Team provides clients with essential services that help to put their websites on the digital map with keyword-focused, on-brand, and lead-driven copy. 

And as a Junior Copywriter, you could be part of that.

A Bamboo Nine Copywriter must be hard-working, passionate about what they do, always enthusiastic to learn, and continuously strive to work collaboratively with client and comrade.
Because our content creation is the cornerstone of successful Search Engine Optimisation.

A day in the life of a Junior Copywriter

A Junior Copywriter is an essential part of the SEO team. As soon as you start, you get right into the glorious thick of it, writing articles for a number of clients every day.

Our clients’ industries are incredibly varied and span media, lifestyle, construction, legal, medical, culinary, travel – you name it. One of the greatest things about your role as a copywriter is the variety of subjects you write on. 

Here is an exclusive insight into what Junior Copywriters get up to:


Unsurprisingly, the biggest focus of a copywriter is writing, writing, writing. And then some more writing. 

We write a mixture of sales pages and blog pages, the former with the aim to get leads for a client, and the latter with the aim to write informative content that boosts our clients’ brand perception overall.
For a more detailed exploration of this, you can read our guide on the difference between copywriting and content writing.


Our clients work in a myriad of interesting industries, some with very specific niches. Writing the best content we can for them involves research and stringent fact-checking, especially for medical clients.
We also need to research the competition – so that we can beat the competition. When we write our articles, we see what the top-ranking pages are for the focus keyword, taking note of what they do well and what they do badly so that we can enhance and hone our own copy.

Managing different software

All of our content templates and the scintillating spreadsheets that keep everything beautifully organised are completed through Google Drive and its various programs. Google Docs is a copywriter’s best friend.

We charge honest hourly rates for the content we make, so it’s important we keep track of the time we spend writing. We do this on an app called ClickUp. This is so we can then report exactly where our clients’ money has gone, something we consider a crucial part of being an ethical and transparent digital marketing agency.

Internal communication is done through an app called Slack. This handy tool means we don’t have to use our legs and walk a few metres to talk to someone on another team. It’s also a great way to shout out team members’ successes and to keep up-to-date with company-wide happenings. And for posting weird GIFs.

Helping other writers

No copywriter is an island. We work closely and collaboratively and with continuous camaraderie. 

Copywriters who have properly cut their content teeth help our lead copywriter with editing the articles, making sure they’re all ship-shaped before they go to be uploaded. 

And if time is getting tight, we always help each other out with workloads, swapping hours around to ensure all the content for a month is done on time.

Responding to feedback

Taking in feedback is an essential part of being a copywriter at any level. All articles are edited: most of the time, the changes are just grammatical or semantic, but sometimes the content isn’t quite right. 

When we take on new clients, it can take a few tries to get the tone of voice right for them. Taking on feedback and applying it carefully helps to quicken this process and make sure the clients are happy. 

It’s also an important facet of skill development as a Junior Copywriter, enabling you to understand what you’re doing well and what you can do better.

Attending content catch-ups and training

The world of SEO copywriting is an ever-morphing one. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with industry news and whatever changes Google spring next. 

We have weekly meetings in the Content Team, discussing any such updates, any of our own new processes, and ways in which we can improve our skills or workflow. Ultimately, the Content Team is always evolving, and a Junior Copywriter is just as much a part of that as any other copywriter.

Working alongside SEO

As a team, we work closely with the digital wizards in the Search Engine Optimisation Team. We work on a month-by-month basis.

SEO Executives will be in charge of a client account and will make the content templates for the articles they want to be written that month. These will always be based on search terms, called keywords, relevant to the particular client’s products or services. The copywriter will then write these articles.

Our goals

Our number one aim is to satisfy the needs of our clients and keep them happy! We need to understand their goals and empathise with their passion so we can help them to the best of our ability.

As copywriters – Junior, Mid, or Senior – we write the most persuasive content we can for clients’ websites with the aim to:

  • Rank highly on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Grab readers’ attention
  • Persuade readers to take action
  • Build an authoritative brand identity for our clients

We do this by utilising persuasive language, understanding tone of voice, creating detailed brand books, and responding to and applying feedback. We only produce quality content, treating each client as important as the next and never cutting corners.

Is there training for a Junior Copywriter?

Every Junior Copywriter will receive full training, guidance and feedback from our lead copywriter, as well as a specialised 6-month training programme that covers the core and foundational aspects of SEO copywriting to help you excel in the world of content.

What’s it actually like working in the Content Team?

We are a tight-knit group of merry troubadours, always supporting and encouraging each other. Our environment is fast-paced and exciting, with an emphasis on punctuality, hard work, a positive attitude, and an unshakable belief in biscuits. 

Usually, everyone has a set number of clients for which they are the main copywriter. This is so we build a strong relationship with a client and a strong understanding of the content that works for them. We do, however, always help each other out with workloads during busy periods, jumping on anything and everything that needs doing to make sure our clients have everything they need.

What is the Bamboo Nine culture like as a whole?

It’s no coincidence that staff turnover at Bamboo Nine is so low. We put a lot into company culture, emphasising work-life balance and employee happiness. We’re a social bunch, with regular team outings and Summer and Christmas parties. Fridays bring extended lunch breaks of a pint (or three) at one of Brighton’s numerous pubs.

In the office, you can partake in ping pong tournaments, enjoy the weekly fruit delivery, and develop a healthy caffeine addiction with a fancy coffee machine that has too many buttons. And there’s always plenty of opportunity to give some love to the office guard-dog and bin-sniffing extraordinaire, our beloved Eva.

And from a career perspective, Bamboo Nine has you covered and then some. We are dedicated to nurturing talent by inputting personal development plans, conducting regular training sessions, and guaranteeing an annual pay review. Whatever your role, you will be given all the tools you need to progress as far as you want to go. At Bamboo Nine, the sky’s the limit.

So, what are you waiting for?