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Why "Bamboo Nine"?

So, we’ve been asked many times… why call the company ‘Bamboo Nine’? Here we go at an answer!  To quote Wikipedia!… ‘Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, flexible and reliable and used for a myriad of things‘…

We aim to grow our business by offering a service no other agency can. We have no interest in being the biggest agency in terms of the number of clients we manage, but we will strive to be the best agency buy offering unparalleled customer service.

How? By being 100% transparent… offering a 24/7 service… and only taking on clients we can help, meaning we can dedicate the time needed to make sure the campaign is the best it can be.  It’s not about the number of clients we work with, but the quality of the client. A boutique agency is what we are striving for…

Anyhow, we digress… why Bamboo Nine?

1 – Bamboo – Bamboo (according to Wikipedia) is strong, flexible and reliable. The latter two especially means a lot to our agency.

2 – Nine – We offer 9 key services:
PPC, SEO, Display, Re-marketing, Video, Email, Web Development, Social and Reputation Management. **

3 – Bamboo (B) Nine (N) – We are based in the heart of Brighton, and Brighton’s post code is ‘BN’.