Our Design & Build Process

Design Process

The design will be preceded by a UX audit of leading competitor and industry websites to ensure our new design is inline and above the current marketplace.

This will then be sent to the client and signed off with a brief that we then send to the designer.

The website will then be designed in Adobe XD and include the page templates listed above. Included in the document will be all assets including colours, fonts, font-sizes etc. The website design will include the desktop and mobile version of the home page. This doesn’t include logo design or any additional assets. All assets required for the build, e.g. logo, accreditations, images and text will need to be supplied by the client in the correct format before the design process can go ahead.

Build Process

After the design has been signed off, we will build the website according to the design and upload it to our development server. This will contain the initial 5 pages listed and will be sent to the client for sign off. Any additional changes requested on the website at this point which is not in the initial design may be charged at our standard hourly rate.

Why Web development is important for SEO

The usability of your website is essential for driving leads. A poor performing website will frustrate visitors and leave a poor impression on your brand. We want all our clients to gain as many leads as possible online, which is why we have a Web development team on hand to ensure improvements are made as soon as possible.

Why web development is important for Paid Search

Un-responsive (not mobile friendly), slow loading pages/images, poor layouts/call to actions (CTA’s) are a potential reasons for a poor conversion rates. When every click counts, you must be confident that your website represents your values, your services and makes it easy for the visitor to get in touch.

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Meet Your SEO Team

Our SEO team is headed up by Steve, who has been in the industry for over 15 years. Meet his team of organic crusaders below.

Steve Ceaton

Head of SEO

Luke Coleman Portrait Photo

Luke Coleman

SEO Manager

Chris Johnson Portrait Photo

Chris Johnson

Head of Technical

Connor Jay-Hughes Portrait Photo

Connor Hughes

Senior Copywriter

Hannah Deakin Portrait Photo

Hannah Deakin

Content Executive

Alex Novakovic

Content Executive

William Axtell

SEO Executive

Team photo missing

Luke Richards

SEO Executive

Bradley Goodspeed

Content Executive

Martha Robinson

Digital PR Lead

Eva Portrait Photo


Head of Security