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Splash Orthodontics

Splash Orthodontics

Splash Orthodontics were using another agency who specialised in digital marketing for the ‘dental’ industry. However, their old agency lacked transparency in regards to what actual leads and return on ad spend (ROAS) was being generated from their PPC & SEO campaigns. Their website & internal CRM were also tied together as part of this package. Unfortunately they never had access to their Google Ads, and reporting was extremely limited.

Our Solution

The first strategy was to ‘give back control’ to the client. We built Splash a new Google Ads Account (which they now own) along with a new Google Analytics profile.

We also built them a brand-new website that was unique to their brand, their core values and their USP’s.

Using our experience in the dental world, we knew that we had to be vigorous in what we and the client deemed as a ‘lead’. Therefore we made sure their tracking was watertight, so we knew what leads were strong, and met their end goal, which was to drive new private patients.

We evaluated the intent of certain keywords and phrasing, and cut out any that search terms that were research-based or didn’t show any intent to book

We maximised visibility for top revenue-driving keywords and we closely monitored competitors and reactively optimised bids to ensure the target ROI was achieved


Not only did we have had Splash featured on publications like The Huffington Post, from the period of January 2018 to June 2019 period we saw:


New private client enquires increase


New client revenue increase


Digital marketing costs reduction


Paid Search traffic increase


Organic traffic increase


Organic leads increase

What Splash Orthodontics said about us

The team at Bamboo Nine are constantly on hand when we need. Their customer service and attention to detail is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them as a digital partner.

Iain Hoeltschi, Owner & Founder, Splash Orthodontics

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