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How To Write Enticing Content

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” –Earnest Hemingway

Typically, people who are creative go through three stages of development: imitation, mastery and innovation. We have all had those frustrating moments, staring at a blank page with the cursor blinking back at us. One of the biggest struggles content marketers have is producing enough content and simultaneously keeping the quality high. That is something professional writers must work through daily. So, why is it that we spend so much time creating unique, informative and useful content? It’s because the copy that we write for our sales pages can make or break our success. Therefore, we are desperate to keep people interested. That’s why we have written this article, informing you of some of the ways you can write content that is enticing.

We Hate Cats

Or do we? Headlines are powerful. They can instantly draw people in. Get your audience hooked and they will open your article and read on. The secret of using the power of headlines to take your content to the next level isn’t really a secret anymore. People are bombarded with hundreds of messages every single day, and their patience is limited. The goal of a headline is simple, but also incredibly important. It is to get people to read the first line of the website. That’s it. The rest is keeping people interested. A catchy headline should speak directly to the part of the brain that subconsciously cares.


Posts with lists tend to do better. In fact, they do even better if the number of list elements is odd instead of even. Lists are easy for people to scan quickly through. They retain attention and get important points across quickly and effectively. When you write your list, make sure you:

  • Create bulleted Lists
  • Make your points short and concise
  • Add relevant and helpful links

Make it Emotional

But don’t make your readers so emotional that they never read your content again because it depressed them so much. We all experience emotions every day. From our daily struggles to our biggest dreams. Calling upon emotion is a great way to connect with your audience and is one of the most powerful tools you can use to inspire action. If your content is emotional, the issue you are writing about feels real and personal to your customers and they are more likely to purchase your services.

Short ‘n’ Sweet

People don’t read online, they scan. In other words, lose words. Don’t write things unnecessarily, just to fill up the space. Write shorter sentences. You may be a natural William Shakespeare with a tight grasp on the English Language but it helps not to be too wordy. People are busy. They don’t have enough time for your literate flair. Keep it short, keep it sweet and save your wordy know-how for your blog.

Once Upon a Time…

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” – An old Native American Proverb
Who doesn’t like a good story? If you are anything like me, you don’t remember facts but you do remember stories. We all love storytelling, it has been one of the most effective communication tools throughout history. The power of storytelling in content writing cannot be overlooked.
By using a storytelling method in your writing, you will engage your readers far more effectively. Storytelling will trigger emotional responses from people, helping to create a bond between the storyteller and the receiver. When telling stories, be sure to maintain 2nd person writing style, incorporating words like “you” and “your.” This will significantly impact your audience as they will feel you are appealing to them personally.

Line Break

Line breaks are powerful.
They increase your contents readability and make your content seem less overwhelming. Allowing for lots of white space around your content means that even the most complex articles become reader-friendly to a wide range of audiences. Adding line breaks also allows your readers to have a breather between paragraphs before forging on. Besides, scanning through content is all the rage right now. Without large chunks of text taking up an intimidating amount of space on the page, users will get through the content quickly and efficiently.

Using Humour

Don’t let the fear of being funny on the page hold you back. Humour, when used correctly, is a great way of hooking your readers in and keeping them interested. Humour is a great way of enhancing your work so that it effectively stands out in a crowded market. If your writing can make your reader smile or laugh, then you have them successfully engaged. Trying to find the funnier side of things also boosts your creativity by challenging you approach your writing in new ways, as well as making the act of writing more enjoyable. However, be careful not to overdo it. Humour should be used sparingly, depending on the subject matter. One of your responsibilities as a content writer is giving your readers permission to laugh.

Final Words

I hope you have found this article on how to write enticing content useful. Remember, your website only has seconds to capture interest. That initial exposure to your content could be the make or break moment, it is when people determine whether they want to spend more time reading or not. So, entice them in with your brilliantly written content that is informative and interesting while incorporating a light sprinkling of humour.
What are some of the ways you create enticing content? Let us know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.