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PR Outreach.

PR & outreach is essential for SEO

The ethical part of link building

Outreaching to bloggers, writers and journalists is a key part of digital PR

Outreach is a vital part of SEO and link building as a marketing strategy. Effective outreach builds trust in your brand and helps audiences see your company as an authority in your industry. At Bamboo Nine, our PR team are experienced in providing outreach services, so if you are looking to widen your influence and gain more authority, then contact us.

What is PR Outreach?

Outreach for digital PR is the process of contacting journalists, bloggers and other third parties with the aim of successfully pitching information about an idea, product or service. This generally involves sending emails in the hope that the recipient will choose to work with us in producing content that results in a link back to our client’s website. Pitches are usually presented after building relationships, so we ensure we are presenting content to the correct audience.

PR Outreach

Why is PR Outreach Important?

If you are hoping to build your online presence and secure your website as an authority in your field, PR outreach is one of the most important things you can do. Not only will it draw in readers (and potential customers) who are interested in your brand through a credible and journalistic source, it will also help to increase your visibility on Google through the creation of backlinks.

Outreach and SEO

Backlinks are how search engines (mainly Google) determine your website’s level of authority, and the more you have, the higher your site will be placed in the search engine results. If your content gains a backlink from a high quality, authoritative website, your website will benefit from a boost in the rankings. This will help to establish your brand as an expert in your industry, and can draw in potential customers who are interested in using your services or buying your products.

Our PR Outreach Plan

There are several steps that can be taken when looking to improve an outreach campaign. The first two steps are to know the target audience we will be pitching to, by understanding their interests and ensuring that your content matches what they are likely to write. We then build a media list so that we know we are pitching the right story to the right person. At Bamboo Nine, we work over a long period of time to build relationships with members of the press, discovering interests and figuring out what is likely to be published.

Outreach Services

The outreach we provide for clients can be split across a number of different services, spreading content and influence as far as possible. These services can range from local and national PR coverage, resulting in building a brand’s local authority, to the highest levels of press coverage. It is also possible, and highly recommended, to start campaigns in trade PR, as this will help to build authority in your chosen field or industry.

Get in Touch

If you have been looking for a digital marketing agency to help you set up the perfect PR outreach campaign, get in touch with us today. Our PR team are experts at conducting outreach and creating pitches for our clients, helping to bring their ideas, products and services to a wider audience. We can present content to journalists that we have worked with previously and have built a relationship with, matching your content to the writer who will be able to provide the largest audience.

Call or email us today and we can get started on your outreach effort right away.

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Meet Your Digital PR Team

The Digital PR Team will create strategies’ to get you links. We have had clients feature on This Morning (TV) to the Mail Online (Print).

Emma Knott, PR Manager

Emma Knott

Senior PR Manager

Steve Ceaton, Head of SEO

Steve Ceaton

Director of Organic Media

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Head of Digital Operations

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James Tarratt

Senior Designer

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Social Media Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I find journalists to approach?

There is more than one approach to take, in order to find journalists. The first possible approach is to search through relevant sites in your industry and make a list of journalists who will cover your topics. If you have well-established competitors, you may also consider researching any journalists who have covered them in the press. It is also possible to increase the speed of finding the correct journalists and contacting them by using PR outreach tools.

How should I start planning my outreach?

All planning should start with thorough research, focusing on your target audience and the online publications you wish your brand to be mentioned in. This may lead to discovering journalists that can be approached. From there, the plan can be continued into establishing a working relationship with them.

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