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Your Client Hub

Your new place for all things Bamboo Nine.

We’re excited to announce our new Client Hub, built by us and designed for you.

It replaces the old reports website you may be familiar and servers as your new central location for your account with Bamboo Nine.

Metrics that matter.

See your account overview at a glance, with reliable performance metrics calculated each month, integrated directly with your Google Analytics and Google Ads. Need more detailed data, don’t worry, you’ll find a direct link to a comprehensive Looker Studio report.

Access your account everywhere.

Designed with all device types in mind whether you’re on a desktop or a mobile device the hub is designed to work everywhere. Go further and install the Hub as an app on Android and iPhone and access your key information wherever you are.

Get instant updates.

Receive reliable updates via email when your performance metrics are ready each month, when you get great PR coverage, when documents are ready, and much more.

Reach your team.

With all your contact information in one place easily reach the right team within Bamboo Nine with your query.

Request additional work.

Have an issue with your website? Want a CRM integration? Need a new landing page created? Use our new Technical Request feature on the Hub to send your request directly to the right team.

Even more.

  • Zero passwords – No more remembering passwords, or resetting your account; we can easily give password free secure access to anyone in your company.
  • Fast – It’s fast… like, really fast. No more waiting minutes for your metrics to load.
  • Key documents – Access your key documents including Marketing Calendar.
  • Reach your team – Quick access to your Bamboo Nine team’s contact information.
  • Futureproof – Built with modern web practices and technologies allowing us to scale it and quickly develop new features.

Built by us and designed for you.

Built with our clients in mind, we’re looking forward to developing this platform in conjunction with you. Please let us know what you would be valuable to you!

What’s next.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding support for detailed reports, graphs, custom metrics, Meta and Microsoft Ads integration, push notifications and more.