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Reputation Management.

Protecting your brand’s reputation is essential!

Stay on top of your brand online, minute by minute

Reputation management is more important now than ever

You can have the best SEO in the world, but if you aren’t protecting your brand’s reputation then you’re playing an extremely dangerous game.

With more people than ever leaving online reviews, it’s vital you have a system in place that can react before your reputation gets tarnished. Luckily we have a team dedicated to reputation management, so can ensure your business doesn’t fall victim to online negativity that can hurt sales.

What is Online Reputation Management?

When people use a search engine such as Google to look for products or services, their perceptions of different companies are influenced by what they see in the search results. Across a wide audience, this develops into ‘online reputation’, which should be managed in order to increase or maintain a positive public opinion.

As we are experts in all aspects of digital PR, our team members are more than qualified to help our clients with their online reputation management. This involves taking time to monitor user activities and reviews on a client’s site, in order to understand the impression that their company is giving off to its customers online.

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About Reputation Management

How Online Reputation Management Works

Good reputation management works by countering negative online material to the point where it is either weakened (demoted on Google), or even removed entirely. This content is then replaced with positive feedback, reviews and comments that serve to improve or maintain the reputation of a company. Once this has happened, potential customers are more likely to see your business in a favourable way, and may be persuaded to use your services or buy your products.

Reputation Management in SEO

Negative reviews have an impact on your site’s SEO, from reducing the amount of conversions to affecting how many backlinks you are likely to receive. However, through the online reputation management services offered by our SEO team, it is possible to make changes to which reviews are ranked as being high quality to audiences. Showing your audience reviews from satisfied customers will not only help your brand’s reputation, it will also be more likely to increase traffic to your site and encourage consumers to make conversions.

Why is Online Reputation Management Important?

In the modern age, it is easier than ever for consumers to be able to express their feelings about a company, product or service online. If negative reviews are posted, these can affect the business a company receives, whether through a decrease in sales of a product, fewer conversions taking place on their site, or even a smaller amount of traffic coming to their webpages in the first place. Statistics have shown that the majority of customers only look at the first page of Google’s search results in order to form an opinion of a company, so if all the first reviews they see are negative, they will be significantly more inclined to look elsewhere for products and services.

The benefits of online reputation management for your business come into effect here, as our process can help to keep

Our Online Reputation Management Process

We know how to manage your business’ online reputation. When we monitor the reviews on your site or social media, we look through the comment section for negative content which could have an effect on your brand and the public’s overall opinion of it. If we find anything which may persuade audiences to not use your services or buy your products, we will inform you of the problem. Once this has happened, we can then help you to handle unwanted or unmerited comments and reviews, keeping your business’ reputation seen by the public as it deserves to be seen.

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