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Paid Search.

Paid search is the quickest way to drive online leads

Dedication, passion and hard work are why we get results

Guide, scale and maximise your Paid Search Marketing campaign

We have a Paid Media team that can rival the biggest digital agencies in the UK because we understand that successful PPC management requires intelligent, creative and strategic utilisation of data-driven insights.


PPC remains the fastest way to gain visibility on a search engine. However, the rapid evolution in Google’s machine learning and smart bidding strategies have dramatically changed the PPC landscape and subsequently, what once worked may no longer drive the best results.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We view every client’s PPC marketing strategy on a case-by-case basis. Some businesses may benefit from a more granular and manually controlled setup, whereas others may be more suited to data-dense campaigns and ad groups for the AI to learn from. 

Whilst some agencies take a “set and forget” approach to Google’s automation, we know that to really stand out from your competition, it’s critical you have a team of passionate Paid Search professionals who can guide, scale and maximise your campaign performance.  


Leveraging Data

We ensure that every customer touchpoint on your website is tracked so that we can be confident we’re driving you the best results. We know from experience that the Google Ads platform doesn’t always tell the full story; which is why we utilise software like offline call tracking that allows us to record lead quality and attribute this data back to the keyword that drove the enquiry.  

In addition to this and where available, we can also integrate your CRM system so that we can follow the customer journey from initial enquiry all the way through to sale. 

Furthermore, recent changes to user privacy and how data is recorded, tracked and shared across the internet means that as we enter a post-cookie world, utilising the information your customers have consented to share is imperative in cultivating consumer trust whilst delivering hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.

Bespoke Reporting

We take an enormous amount of pride in our work and we get a buzz from sharing this with our clients and create custom monthly reports that detail all of your key performance metrics so you’re always kept in the loop.

Your monthly reports are followed by a quarterly performance review where together we look back over what has and hasn’t worked and outline our strategic approach for the next quarter to ensure your campaigns are always adapting and evolving.

Our team is committed to driving your success, acting as guides as we navigate the route with open, honest and transparent advice each step of the way. 

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  • Display & Remarketing.

A proud Google Partner

Bamboo Nine have been a Google Partner since 2015. Ask a member of our team why this is important when choosing a digital agency.

A proud Microsoft Advertising Partner

Bing/Yahoo are the second biggest Search Engine in the UK. Our Paid Media Team are all Certified Professionals.

Meet your Paid Media Team

Our paid media team has been growing year on year due to client retention and more businesses trusting our ethics. We run campaigns where the monthly budgets range between £2,000 to £100,000.

Zak Pashen, Paid Media

Zak Pashen

Head of Paid Media

Denise Facca, Paid Media

Denise Facca

Senior Paid Media Manager

Tom Haynes, Paid Media

Tom Haynes

Paid Media Manager

Harry Makins

Harry Makins

Paid Media Manager

Thom Wilson, Paid Media

Thom Wilson

Paid Media Manager

Olywn Walsh, Paid Media

Olwyn Walsh

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Kenny Ho, Paid Media

Kenny Ho

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Elena Browning, Paid Media

Elena Browning

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Alice Lawrence, Paid Media

Alice Lawrence

Paid Search Analyst

Jess Laidlaw, Paid Media

Jessica Laidlaw

Paid Search Executive

Daniel Gee, Paid Media

Daniel Gee

Paid Search Analyst

Jack Hedges, Paid Media

Jack Hedges

Paid Search Executive

Kallum Saleem, Paid Media

Kallum Saleem

Paid Search Analyst

Sophie Grant

Paid Search Executive

Joe Stansfield

Paid Search Executive

Caroline Canty

Paid Social Manager

Team photo missing

Amy D

Paid Social Specialist

Ian Colyer

Paid Search Executive

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