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Technical Audits

Ensuring that your website is error free and conforms to industry best practices is essential to maximising your leads and sales.

However, you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, and that’s where our technical audit comes in. With our audit, you are equipped with the crucial information you need to brief your marketing and development teams.

What is a technical audit?

The Bamboo Nine technical audit carries out over 100 technical checks on the website to look for common problems. Areas we assess include:

  • Website errors such as broken links and images
  • Basic SEO mistakes such as duplicate title tags, incorrect canonicalisation, and redirect chains
  • Common page speed problem areas such as image compression and render blocking issues
  • Server setup and configuration
  • Tracking setup, including checking for duplicate GA4 tracking

By assessing these areas using a number of industry leading tools and our own custom scripts, we can compile a single report complete with recommended actions to help get your website in the best shape of its life.

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My website looks fine, why do I need a technical audit?

Websites can often look fine after a cursory glance, but unseen errors always creep in over time. Furthermore, there might be hidden configuration errors which are preventing your website from winning as many leads as it should.

These problems can hurt your website in two ways. The obvious impact is on users. A broken, slow website converts poorly. There is plenty of choice on the web, especially among ecommerce websites, and users will often switch to another website rather than fight a poorly performing website. Not only is using such a website frustrating, it is also a serious trust red flag and, before you know it, your customer has disappeared to Amazon or Checkatrade.

A less obvious way is how it can undermine your marketing efforts technically. For instance, Google will penalise poorly performing websites in its search algorithm, so they appear below competitors in organic results when users are searching for relevant goods or services.

A technical audit can help you address these issues. It is not a passive document, churned out to make you feel comfortable about your website or blind you with theory. It is a working document of real-world action points that, if acted upon, can significantly boost leads or sales.

How much will a technical audit cost?

A technical audit is charged at a flat rate of £400+VAT. This allows us to carry out over 100 checks and analyses on your website and compile your report.

Why can’t I do this myself?

You can, of course! However, it is very hard to properly audit your website without the right tools and experience. Why waste time you could be using running your business or other sales and marketing efforts when you could allow an expert with the right tools to do it efficiently and thoroughly for you?

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Get your website in shape today

If you think your website might need technical work, why not arrange for one of our expert audits today? Our full reports will give you everything you need to make demonstrable improvements to your website, and our in-house developers are on call if you also want external help carrying out the optimisations the audit identifies.

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Your Web development team

We’ve put together a team in-house that are skilled in all aspects of web development, from the initial design to build.

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Chris Johnson

Head of Data & Engineering

Philippe Bailey

Lead Web Developer

James Tarrat, Design

James Tarratt

Senior Designer

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Holly Thoms

Senior Designer

Josh Hudson

Web Developer

William Axtell, SEO

William Axtell

Digital Analytics Specialist

Zain Bador

WordPress Developer

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