What is PR Monitoring

Journalists, bloggers and website owners are constantly looking for sources with unique data or insights into a certain topic. There are several platforms where journalists reach out for potential sources and offer a link in return. It’s essential for your business to recognise the unique insights you can offer, and the link gains you can gain.

Our PR Monitoring service

Our Digital PR team scours multiple platforms on a daily basis to ensure that all relevant opportunities are taken advantage of. PR is fast-paced, and journalists work to extremely tight deadlines, so it’s essential to respond to journalist requests as quickly as possible.

By responding quickly to trending and relevant news stories in your field, we can establish your business as experts and thought leaders in your industry. This is essential to rise above the competitors within your industry and puts you in front of your target market.

Stay ahead of the industry

PR monitoring also enables you to be aware of what journalists have written previously, so that you can adjust your pitch to suit their style.

As we build relationships with multiple journalists, bloggers and publications, we are at an advantage when conducting outreach and pitching campaigns.

Journo Requests

Journalists release requests on various platforms, all of which we monitor throughout the day to ensure no opportunity for coverage is missed. By providing journalists with expert comments, data or insights, we can establish your brand as an industry leader, and gain valuable backlinks for your site. These backlinks boost your organic Google rankings, increase your brand visibility, and promote your business as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source.


Competitor analysis is an essential element of any business strategy. Monitoring your competitors’ online brand allows us to create effective and competitive PR strategies. Stay abreast of PR strategies, campaigns and influencers utilised by your key competitors with Bamboo Nine.

Your Online Brand

By monitoring your online brand, our PR Team keep track of the success of current or previous campaigns and how these are being received by the public. This allows us to determine which are being received well and driving the most leads, so that we have a better idea of which features to focus our campaigns on. This also ties into Reputation Management, another service we offer to ensure your brand is reflected positively online.

Industry News

Monitoring of industry news allows us to create relevant and trending campaigns, which we can outreach to relevant industry publications. Staying on top of the latest news trends helps keep your business relevant and shows Google that you are up-to-date with what’s going on in the world.


Our PR Team monitor trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to pursue any that relate to your business or industry. This allows us to identify your audience, potential target audiences and potential bloggers/influencers who could be interested in collaborating with your business.


By monitoring influencers who are interested in your brand or industry, we can determine those who may be interested in promoting your brand. Perhaps they have mentioned your business by name already, this is a great opportunity for partnership.

Increase Your Online Presence.Get Your Audience Engaged.Protect Your Brand.

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How does PR Monitoring relate to Digital PR?

The Google algorithm was is based on counting and measuring links from other websites, and this is a key element of any SEO strategy. The aim is to have as many high-quality links from as many high-ranking sites as possible. The more quality links you have pointing at your site, the more your brand visibility and reputation will increase.

PR Monitoring can be used for both link-building campaigns, and reactive PR. Both of these result in strong backlinks to you company’s website. However, there is a catch to link building – it is possible to obtain the wrong kind of backlink. If the link comes from a website which is not highly ranked on Google, this can have a negative effect on your website’s Google rankings. PR Monitoring affords us the time to become well acquainted with which sites are desirable for links and which are best to avoid.

Meet Your Digital PR Team

The Digital PR Team will create strategies’ to get you links. We have had clients feature on This Morning (TV) to the Mail Online (Print).

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