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Meet the Team.

A refreshing take on digital marketing

Digital media services based in Brighton, leading the UK

The Bamboo Nine Team

We are proud to introduce our team to you. Each team member has two vital traits that allow our agency to perform at the highest level.

Passion for their craft and the enthusiasm to learn and grow.

Our Paid Media team is headed up by our Head of Paid Media, Zak and Senior Paid Media Manager, Denise. We build and manage every paid search campaign with the same meticulous attention to detail, regardless of brand status or budget.

Zak Pashen, Paid Media

Zak Pashen

Head of Paid Media

Denise Facca, Paid Media

Denise Facca

Senior Paid Media Manager

Tom Haynes, Paid Media

Tom Haynes

Paid Media Manager

Harry Makins

Harry Makins

Paid Media Manager

Thom Wilson, Paid Media

Thom Wilson

Paid Media Manager

Olywn Walsh, Paid Media

Olwyn Walsh

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Kenny Ho, Paid Media

Kenny Ho

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Elena Browning, Paid Media

Elena Browning

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Jess Laidlaw, Paid Media

Jessica Laidlaw

Paid Search Analyst

Daniel Gee, Paid Media

Daniel Gee

Paid Search Analyst

Jack Hedges, Paid Media

Jack Hedges

Paid Search Executive

Sophie Grant

Paid Search Executive

Joe Stansfield

Paid Search Executive

Karen Lai

Paid Search Executive

Dean Knill

Paid Search Executive

Team photo missing

Nancy McGlennon

Paid Search Executive

Our Social Media team work with you to develop your online reputation and brand presence, integrate with your other digital channels and overall strategy, as well as drive relevant traffic, leads and revenue.

Caroline Canty

Paid Social Manager

Serena Doherty

Senior Social Media Specialist

Amy D

Paid Social Specialist

Jade Knight

Paid Social Specialist


Our SEO team is headed up by Steve, our Head of SEO who has over 15 years’ experience in the industry. He is supported by our SEO Manager, Luke, Connor and the rest of the SEO Team.

Steve Ceaton, Head of SEO

Steve Ceaton

Head of SEO

Luke Colement, SEO manager

Luke Coleman

Senior SEO Manager

Connor Hughes, Copywriter

Connor Hughes

Senior Copywriter

Hannah Deakin, Copywriter

Hannah Deakin

Content Executive

Alex Novakovic, Copywriter

Alex Novakovic

Content Executive

William Axtell, SEO

William Axtell

SEO Specialist

Luke Richards, SEO

Luke Richards

SEO Specialist

Oliver Logue, SEO

Oliver Logue

Content Executive

Harry Rickard, SEO

Harry Rickard

SEO Executive

Chloe Porter

Content Executive


Liang Hu

SEO Executive

Lewis Phillips

Content Executive

Jessica Gardner

Content Executive

Eva, good dog


Head of Security

Digital PR

Whether it’s B2B or B2C PR you’re after, our Digital PR team will work with you to identify the most successful channels to engage your target audiences, build brand awareness and boost your online authority. We have had clients feature on This Morning (TV) to the Mail Online (Print).

Emma Knott, PR Manager

Emma Knott

Senior PR Manager

Brad Goodspeed, Copywriter

Bradley Goodspeed

Content Executive

Design & Development

From technical SEO to advanced web development and design, our experienced tech team work closely with you to communicate your message through unique and bespoke designs that align with your brand and identity.

Chris Johnston, Head of Technical

Chris Johnson

Head of Technical

Sam Lavelle, Senior Web Developer

Sam Lavelle

Senior Developer

James Tarrat, Design

James Tarratt


Aaron Alba, Web Developer

Aaron Balba

Junior Developer

Harry Smith

Junior Designer

Business Development

Connections and charisma form the basis of our experienced business development team. Identifying new opportunities and enhancing services for our clients is their bread and butter.

Graham Springett, Business Development

Graham Springett

Digital Consultant

Helen Jewell, Business Development

Helen Jewell

Digital Consultant

Jamie Clark, Business Development

Jamie Clark

Digital Consultant

Miles Torrent, Business Development

Miles Torrent

Digital Consultant


Claire and Sara are the pillars that support Bamboo Nine; their dedication to ensuring our internal operations run smoothly and our staff are well fed and watered is the reason for all the smiling faces on this page.

Claire Donaldson, Office Manager

Claire Donaldson

Finance and Office Manager

Sara Megaw

Head of People


Our Directors set up Bamboo Nine, but the names and departments above are the people who make our agency the force it is today.

Chris Rivera, Director

Chris Rivera


Ian Robins, Director

Ian Robins


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