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The Importance of Social Sharing in Business

The importance of social sharing in business cannot be emphasised enough. The benefits are numerous and the results demonstrate an enormous potential for social media marketing to increase sales. Social media is the most cost-effective tool for sharing content and increasing the visibility of your business. Whatever the platform, social media presents an opportunity for businesses to form relationships with their consumers, build trust, share content and network with other businesses. Below we look at the importance of social sharing in business and how it can be beneficial.

Increased Brand Recognition

Social media is an excellent way to introduce large audiences of people to your brand. Increased visibility through social media is invaluable, making your brand recognisable and more accessible for new customers. It also allows you to be transparent with potential customers, building relationship and your reputation as a trustworthy business. For more information on transparency in business, check out our article. Here at Bamboo Nine, we would recommend that you take every opportunity you have to increase the visibility of your company’s brand. Social networks are used by thousands of people all over the country, that’s a lot of potential customers you could reach simply through being active and sharing your brand online.

More Opportunities to Convert

Every time you post on social media platforms, you are allowing the opportunity for customers to convert. Be sure to post regularly on social media platforms to gain a dedicated and interactive following. Every post, article or image you post allows the opportunity for someone to react and this could lead to a site conversion. Posting on social media is an effective way to outreach to potential customers and businesses, building links and increasing your brand reach.

Site conversions have been known to increase substantially through the employment of social media and this is due to the humanisation element. By being active on social media, your business becomes more humanised in its visible interaction with customers and clients. Social media allows businesses to act like people do, and this is extremely important as your customers want to do business with people not companies. Personalisation is key and social media allows you to achieve this.


With the help of social media, you can share your content faster and easier than ever before. In just a few clicks, you could have an article or image uploaded that has the potential to be viewed by thousands of people. All you need to do is share your content and add a call to action, encouraging potential customers to get in touch with your company if they would like to know more.

Each post you share will be introduced to a new network of individuals and the more people who know about your business, your ethos and what you offer, the better.


By being active on social media, you have the added benefit of being able to respond to problems immediately. If there is a problem with your service, or people are asking questions and giving feedback, the sooner you reply the faster the problems can be resolved and the can be questions answered. Appearing responsive and attentive to customers provides an invaluable opportunity for businesses to build customer loyalty and strengthen their brand image.

An important feature of social media interaction is, once again, the humanisation impact, your company projects a humanised brand in an increasingly digital world, allowing people and potential customers to connect emotionally with your company. Responding on social media with relevant, timely and informative replies proves that your business offers excellent customer service and this is always an attractive trait to potential customers, making them more likely to convert.

Building Links

Using social media together with your content marketing helps you gain and build links organically. As you build your social media following, you build up a large following of people that can share your content. Every piece of content that hits your website should immediately be shared on your social profiles. Social media is a wonderful way to help enhance your search engine rankings. The days of shortcuts are over, it’s time to get involved and get social.

Increase Sales

The ability to target selected audiences is one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing. Social media gives you a great platform to act as an opportunist, increasing your sales with social media by working on becoming an engaging brand. Ultimately, you want to develop interest through shared content, interaction with followers, developing relationships and gaining a following. If you do these things, you will see a long-term increase in your sales.


Social media is something that every business should be doing. For your business to succeed, consumers must want to purchase your products or services. With a social media presence and social sharing, you can attract a never-ending number of people to your business. Now is the time to get on the social media bandwagon and improve the visibility of your company. Social media presents a large opportunity to build a reputation and promote a service across a variety of channels.

Here at Bamboo Nine we have found social media to be indispensable to our business and are dedicated to build our brand reputation and following through social media platforms. So, sign up to social media today and watch your success grow with every click.