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Data Support

Maximise your data insights with Bamboo Nine

Minimise your data downtime with our comprehensive tracking setup and data support options.

What You Get – All covered by your set-up fee

Tracking Integration

Our initial setup fee includes a comprehensive and channel specific (Google Ads, Meta, etc) tracking setup and an audit of your existing setup for any issues that may be affecting data and session capture.

Consent Mode

Having a compliant cookie policy is a mandatory requirement of running a campaign with Google Ads. We’ll work with your existing cookie platform or recommend a Google certified solution* to ensure our integrations are both compliant and work with Google’s Consent mode where possible to maximise data capture.

What We Track

As standard, we ensure that all contact events, lead generating events (such as forms) and transactions are tracked reliably within the platforms you utilise with Bamboo Nine.

If your website uses a common ecommerce platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify, we’ll configure enhanced ecommerce events* (add to cart, etc) providing invaluable insights into customer behaviour**.

If you partner with our preferred call tracking platform, we’ll assist with the setup on your site and fully integrate it with your tracking platforms.

Our Solutions

At Bamboo Nine we’re very proud to have our own internal WordPress plugin that allows us to enhance your tracking with additional functionalities and event capture.

With this in place on your website we can seamlessly adapt to the dynamic landscape of GA4 and Google Ads with automatic updates to your tracking.

We’re adept also at utilising Google Tag Manager and even creating our own bespoke solutions to ensure we’re capturing everything we need to run an effective campaign.

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Platforms We Support

Google Analytics 4

We’ll ensure that Google Analytics 4 is correctly configured for your site and legacy tracking (Universal Analytics) is removed. GA4 will be configured to minimise miscategorised channels and referrals.

Conversions will be configured for relevant events and the counting method setup to mirror other platforms.

Google Insights will be enabled for cross device tracking and additional demographic information where available.

Tracking will be configured with consent mode where possible to allow for data modelling for users who do not consent into cookie storage.

Google Ads

We’ll create native Google Ads conversions for lead generating and purchase events ensuring accurate and comprehensive data collection.

For sites utilising enhanced ecommerce we’ll send basket data along with transaction tracking for enhanced reporting available in Google Ads.

In conjunction with consent mode, passthrough of ad specific tracking parameters will be enabled to improve conversion accuracy for users who do not consent into cookie storage.

Where possible, we’ll utilise first-party customer data for enhanced conversions, improving customer matching and the measurement of online conversions.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads will be configured to mirror your Google Ads setup with conversions created for lead generating and purchase events.


We’ll send events to Meta as ‘standard events’ where applicable, only creating custom events where absolutely necessary.

For our clients on WordPress, we have our own Conversions API (CAPI) solution that offers a reliable alternative to pixel tracking, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data collection.

Other platforms that don’t have a comprehensive CAPI integration as standard we’ll assist with recommending and configuring a low cost / low maintenance solution for your needs.

Merchant Center (Google) / Commerce Manager (Meta)

We’ll assist with the creation of a shopping feed where applicable to allow the automatic population of products to Merchant Center (for organic and ad placements) and Commerce Manager.

Basic Support

As a continuing Bamboo Nine client you’ll benefit from basic support for your initial tracking setup from:

  • Quick response times and solutions to issues with your initial Bamboo Nine tracking setup.
  • Updates to our proprietary plugins to allow us to enhance and keep your campaigns working at an optimal level.*
  • The creation of additional conversions / micro conversions that support your campaign/s with us.**
  • Utilisation of custom Google Ads Scripts, alerting our team of anomalies with your campaigns before they become an issue.
Chris Johnson, Head of Technical, building websites

Additional Services – Priced per job

Unfortunately we can’t cover every scenario with our setup fee, but we’re available to offer additional services priced per job. Simply contact us for a quote on [email protected].

CRM Integration

Whether it’s Salesforce or Pipedrive, we’ve likely seen it all and can advise and implement the best way to capture your leads so they can be attributed back to your Bamboo Nine campaigns.

Custom Enhanced Ecommerce

Custom CMS platforms require custom solutions for enhanced ecommerce. We’re able to offer an ‘outside-in’ approach for these sites to enhance ecommerce for clients, building the ecommerce data layer with a custom Google Tag Manager based solution.

Dedicated Data Support Package

Looking for direct access to our team of data specialists and the assurance that we’ve got your ongoing data needs covered? Look no further!

We understand the complexity and importance of tracking and multi channel attribution for our larger clients, which is why we offer a dedicated data support package.

Our dedicated data support starts at a retainer of 10 hours a month (£1,000 + VAT) and is scalable and fully adaptable. Whether you require a consultancy driven approach, continuous monitoring, or proactive work, we’re here to tailor our support to your unique requirements.

With our Dedicated Data Support Package, you can look forward to a host of valuable advantages:

Additional Tracking

We’ll assist you in setting up tracking and third-party solutions at your request that go beyond our regular services, and the creation of additional conversions / micro conversions at no additional cost.

Priority Assistance

Gain priority access to our expert data specialists who are ready to swiftly address any issues and provide effective troubleshooting

Consultancy and Peace of Mind

Tracking consultancy and validation of third party integrations, giving you the peace of mind that your data is accurate and reliable.

Proactive Monitoring

Our team actively monitors changes to tracking scripts and session handling, such as gclid parameters, to minimise any disruptions to your data flow.

Collaborative Approach

We’ll work alongside you to establish and work towards your longer-term tracking and data goals.

Monthly Conversion Testing

We’ll conduct manual monthly testing of all active conversions to guarantee that your data remains robust and dependable.

Continuous Auditing

We’ll regularly audit your data sources and markup to ensure data accuracy and consistency across platforms.

Forward Thinking Updates

Count on us for proactive, forward-thinking updates that keep your tracking in sync with the evolving GA4, Google Ads and tracking landscape.

Bespoke Solutions

Development of bespoke solutions for identifying edge case issues before they escalate into larger problems.

Additional Services

Access our additional services, including CRM Integration and Custom Enhanced Ecommerce, at no additional cost.

This comprehensive approach ensures that we’re not just providing a service, but also partnering with our clients to help them achieve their long-term goals and proactively manage potential issues. Contact us on [email protected] to find out how we can help.

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Your Web development team

We’ve put together a team in-house that are skilled in all aspects of web development, from the initial design to build.

Chris Johnston, Head of Technical

Chris Johnson

Head of Data & Engineering

Philippe Bailey

Lead Web Developer

James Tarrat, Design

James Tarratt

Senior Designer

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Web Developer

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William Axtell

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WordPress Developer

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