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How to’s

Partnering with Bamboo Nine

“We started Bamboo Nine because we saw a gap in the market for a fully transparent, educational, collaborative and client focused agency. Trust is the only way to build relationships, and with this trust we will deliver world-class customer service and of course, results.”

Chris Rivera, Director Chris Rivera Bamboo Nine
  • WordPress Admin Access:

    To grant Bamboo Nine access to your WordPress site, we recommend creating a new administrator level user.

    To create a new user, you will need to login to your WordPress dashboard – this can usually be found by adding /wp-admin to end of your web address (e.g.

    On the left hand menu, navigate to ‘Users’ and click ‘Add New’.

    You can then fill in these details:

    Username Bamboonine
    Email [email protected]
    Password Keep the randomly generated password
    Role Administrator

    Ensure ‘Send User Notification’ is ticked and click ‘Add New User’.

    An email with login details will then be sent to us so we can set our own secure password.

If you need help getting any access we have requested set up, please get in touch and a member of the Bamboo Nine team will be happy to help.