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Not just another Surrey PPC Agency

We may be based in the heart of Brighton, East Sussex… but our PPC agency lends its services across the whole of Surrey, providing a wide range of clients with the kind of expertise and support that’s helped to establish Bamboo Nine as one of the best PPC agencies in the UK. Please feel free to contact us today and speak with one of our friendly team members.

Are you based in Surrey?
Welcome to the new normal version of PPC agencies

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way the world works, and now most meetings are conducted via video. We have all video channels set up and can now work with clients worldwide just as efficiently as we can with clients local to us.

About PPC

What does PPC offer you?

We understand that the world of online advertising and digital marketing can seem overwhelming. Whether you are looking to increase ROI, drive traffic to a landing page or raise your brand awareness, there have never been so many ways to utilise search engines and get your services, products or brand in front customers. From PPC Advertising to SEO and Social Media, there is a host of different online marketing platforms and strategies that can help you achieve your goals.

With over 5.5 billion searches a day on Google, having your product or services listed at the top of one of their search results pages at the exact time someone is looking for it can have a massive impact on your business. And that’s what PPC offers; all you need is a budget, a clear strategy that aligns with your business goals and a landing page ready to receive instant traffic.

What we do

What Bamboo Nine offers is a team of experts who are passionate about creating thoughtful, engaging and, most importantly, successful PPC campaigns. Whether your budget is £10,000 a day or just £10, our approach is always the same.

Every single campaign we build undergoes the same extensive and meticulous approach where attention to detail is everything and nothing is left to chance. It’s this extra mile that we go to meet and exceed your objectives that have seen us, and our clients grow exponentially.

Campaign management

We want you to see Bamboo Nine as an extension of your team, so from the offset, you’ll be assigned your own talented account manager who will collaborate with you to create meaningful short or long-term strategies bespoke to your business’s individual goals.

This will be tightly focused on identifying everything from who your target market is, to competitor analysis and what channels will be most suited to reach your targets. In our opinion, anyone can funnel traffic to a website; it’s getting the right traffic that’s ready and waiting to convert that will achieve the maximum return on your ad spend.


However, building a campaign is only the beginning. Once your PPC ads are live, we use data driven insights to manage and optimise your account using A/B testing, Ad Group Expansions, Negative Keyword Identification, Ad Schedules and Audience Bid Modifiers, plus a whole lot more. The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, so we need to make sure your campaigns do too. You’ll find no dust on us as we constantly work to increase your conversion rates and lower your cost-per-acquisition.

Custom monthly reporting

We provide all our clients with detailed monthly reports that clearly display how your campaigns performed. This, in tandem with key insights into your account and a summary of the proactive measures we’ll take, means you can measure not only your performance but also ours.

It’s this, “put our money where our mouth is” approach that embodies Bamboo Nine as an agency and why we don’t believe in long contracts. Our work should speak for itself.

Surrey PPC services

Everything we do is based around getting you results and the following list outlines some of the channels and platforms our clients in Surrey use, depending on whether they’re E-commerce, lead generation or both.

  • Paid Search

    The name given to sponsored text ads that are shown at the top of a search engine’s results page, above and below the organic listings.

  • Shopping

    Similar to text ads, these will also be displayed in the sponsored search results, however, the formatting will include a product image, price and the merchant name.

  • Display Ads

    Whereas Paid Search text ads are only shown on the search engines results page, Display ads are shown across over 2 million websites and videos that form part of the Google and Microsoft Display Networks.

  • Remarketing

    A useful tool used to target and re-engage people who have previously visited or interacted with your site as they browse the web.

  • Paid Social

    Target specific audiences and demographics with sponsored content on Social Media platforms.

Multiple PPC channels for Surrey based clients

We work with a host of different PPC channels, including Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon, plus many more.

Cost-effective engagement

All these formats operate on a pay-per-click basis, meaning that you only pay when a person clicks on your ad. This is the reason why PPC is such a cost-effective way of increasing engagement or revenue. Regardless of whether your budget is small or large, our ads will get you in front of customers already in the market and actively searching for your product or services.

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  • Google & Microsoft Ads.
  • Google Shopping.
  • Display & Remarketing.

A proud Google Premier Partner

Bamboo Nine have been a Google Premier Partner since 2015. Ask a member of our team why this is important when choosing a digital agency.

A proud Microsoft Advertising Partner

Bing/Yahoo are the second biggest Search Engine in the UK. Our Paid Media Team are all Certified Professionals.

Meet your Paid Media Team

Our Paid Media team is headed up by our Head of Paid Media, Zak and Senior Paid Media Manager, Denise. We build and manage every paid search campaign with the same meticulous attention to detail, regardless of brand status or budget.

Zak Pashen, Paid Media

Zak Pashen

Director of Paid Media

Denise Facca, Paid Media

Denise Facca

Head of Paid Media

Tom Haynes, Paid Media

Tom Haynes

Paid Media Manager

Harry Makins

Harry Makins

Strategy Manager

Thom Wilson, Paid Media

Thom Wilson

Paid Media Manager

Haider Tanveer, Paid Media Manager

Shuk Ozdincer

Paid Media Manager

Haider Tanveer, Paid Media Manager

Haider Tanveer

Paid Media Manager

Elena Browning, Paid Media

Elena Browning

Content Specialist

Sophie Grant

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Joe Stansfield

Paid Media Analyst

Yoanna Koleva

Paid Media Analyst

Romario Gauntlet

Paid Media Executive

Callum Earnshaw

Paid Media Executive

Nabil Miah

Paid Media Executive

A picture of Joe

Joe O’Donnell

Paid Media Analyst

This is a picture of Key

Key Hilmi

Senior Paid Media Analyst

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