Why you need our SEO services

SEO builds brands but requires expert execution to produce results. We provide total management of your SEO marketing. However, we work with guidance from you. We will act as specialist consultants to offer advice on decision making and explain what will work best.

We will now examine our service and process in more detail:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the ongoing maintenance of your website to make sure it performs well in search engines. As search engines roll out updates, things change pretty fast!

Our technical SEO team are at the forefront of the industry and can adapt to updates with ease, to make sure you never lose rankings. The team will also provide ongoing tweaks and technical refinements for your site.

Keyword research

We know users and understand how they search. As experts in user experience and audience behaviour we have a great insight into the search terms you should target on your site.

With effective keyword research we can deliver a precise set of terms and keywords that we can weave into the language of your site.

Content creation

You will receive fresh content with keywords naturally spun into your website. Our focus is on a high level of quality and to create a regular stream of new content for your company that broadens your domain authority. We can develop your content over the course of your campaign. Common types of content we will produce include:

  • web pages
  • blog posts
  • case studies
  • social media content
  • video content

We are happy to develop many types of content in partnership with you. If you have an idea for a different type of content we can shift focus to that area.

We have a team of content experts who will deliver compelling content with the following considerations for your company:

  • tone of voice
  • branding and style choice
  • service details
  • audience pain points
  • sales language

Content creation is an ongoing process and can provide seasonal boosts for your SEO by focusing on periods such as holidays or local occasions. Our content also comes in evergreen formats, which will consistently rank and drive traffic to your site over time.

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Link building

There is a great value to adding useful links to your site in places including review sites, influencer pages and media publishers. This helps point to the legitimacy of you as a business and is a signal for search engines to increase the authority of your domain.

It can be tricky to do this yourself. We will work with you to find the best places to build links and can also provide PR services to help with your brand awareness. Mentions on sites such as BBC, Huffington Post, Independent, and the Metro give you a great degree of exposure, we can also get features with local publishers.

Customer case studies and testimonials

You can take the words of our many happy customers as proof of our ability to deliver amazing SEO for your business. We have a range of case studies available to view that showcase our work.

Many of these illustrate a blend of our services, which include paid media campaigns and digital PR, so there is a great demonstration of every type of work that we do.

One testimonial from a happy client, which relates to our SEO services, says the following:

“I never have to worry about my campaign. Every day I get leads, which is what I want. I know they are working behind the scenes daily to improve the campaign even more so and I appreciate the fact I can get on and run my business while they do their thing” – Dom Fagan, Concrete Flooring Solutions

SEO services for your Birmingham-based company

Birmingham is a thriving UK city with many businesses that can benefit from our SEO services. Our technically savvy, creatively discerning and local approach can deliver the best SEO in Birmingham with effective results.

As a thriving agency with a wealth of experience we can dovetail your SEO with other marketing services for a complete approach that will give you even better outcomes. Contact us for more information.

FAQs and useful information:

The following are some frequently asked questions and useful information about SEO and the services we provide:

How does SEO work?

Search engines have certain criteria that causes them to favour certain websites. SEO works by making sure your website meets these criteria, for the maximum possible chance of success. SEO develops over time and will require continuous changes and updates in order to remain effective.

How much does SEO cost?

Hourly rates for SEO vary depending on the needs of your website. Rates from an established agency will depend on the overall number of hours you wish to dedicate to SEO, paid media and digital PR. There is usually a sliding scale with each month seeing slight changes and adjustments in areas of focus. You will also have the option of dedicating your entire focus purely to SEO.

How long does SEO take?

Depending on the current state of your website SEO will take 3 to 6 months to start working. The growth gathers pace over time, with results after a year likely to be considerably better than at 6 months. If you pause your SEO activity then it will stop working and take time to become effective again.

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