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Most digital experiences start with search engines. This means you can practically guarantee that a user will start off on the homepage of an engine such as Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo or Google. When this person types something into the search engine, the search results that are brought back to them are displayed in a specific ranking order. This order is decided by the search engine, as it determines where websites should go based on their popularity with audiences and the quality of their information.

Of course, we know the most inviting spot for your own company website will be right at the top of the first page. It’s only natural that it would be, considering that’s the spot your audiences will see first. However, to get there, you’ll need to increase the visibility of your website by making it climb up the ranking ladder. If this is done to an expert level, you could see your website on the first or second page of Google within weeks, as opposed to all the way down on the fiftieth page, where we all know no one really goes. Getting to the top isn’t always easy, though, because every business with an online presence is aiming for them. This is where you need to have a good consultant on side, complete with a full, well-rounded knowledge of search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO.

Below, we’ve set out a guide to just some of the things our agency can offer in our packages, helping your Glasgow firm on the way to success online, and helping to bring in local customers and even generating interest from further afield:

Content and Keywords are Crucial to Your SEO Campaign

As specialists in organic SEO with a passion for providing the best digital marketing services, we know that how you display content and use keywords changes everything. For many firms, it will often be the difference between having the next big hit of a website, or staying stuck in the far reaches of Google with no way forward.

To bring your business on by leaps and bounds, we have a team of keen, skilled copywriters in our office. They’re prepared to take on your firm as their own client and will carry out every stage of the content process for you. They’ll start by studying your online audience carefully and looking at what you’d like to achieve, before writing out every page to persuade audiences to contact you, either by buying a product, or by hiring or booking a service. This generates leads for your website. By bringing in the best, most beneficial keywords for the content, they can also play a large part in helping your website to rank as highly as possible, too.

Specialist Tools to Improve Organic Search

We pride ourselves on our expertise, and you’d never expect a firm with a great reputation to go without the proper tools to get the job done. You’ll certainly never get that if you decide on our service, because we take every measure to make sure we have the best SEO tools and software available to us.

Whether you need us to complete a technical audit, monitor audience trends, or complete keyword research or competitor analysis, we’ll have the means to make sure it’s done to the highest standards. Putting all of this together in one full SEO audit will then help us to oversee the results of your long term marketing strategy, so that we can prepare everything in advance for the months ahead. We’ll even work with you throughout the process, so you can be as involved as you need to be to ensure that your plan is being carried out exactly as you’d like it.

Our Expert Work on Structured Data

We don’t simply focus on achieving the highest organic rankings for widespread or local SEO. We also turn our expert hands and attention to getting the most clicks for your website. By using structured data, we’ll be able to keep close tabs on how your website is doing when measured against its competitors. We may even be able to get your pages more clicks than websites with higher ranking positions, giving you a better Click Through Rate (CTR).

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Transparent Reporting for Clear Understanding

We love what we do and we are proud of the services we provide as an SEO consultant in Glasgow, as well as a PR and Digital Marketing agency across the whole of the UK. We believe in trust between ourselves and our clients and we follow an ethos of complete transparency in order to keep it. With us as your SEO partners, you’ll get to see the inner workings of our packages and processes, getting to know every part of the bespoke campaign we’ll create with you.

From learning about your Google ranking positions, driven traffic and generated leads, to updates on our technical work, content creation and link building, the comprehensive monthly report and full audit we provide will cover it all. You’ll hear from us regularly between these, too, as client communication is paramount to our work. This gives you ample opportunity to learn more about SEO as a whole, while we get to know your website. It should also give you some relief about where your budget is being spent, because you’ll be able to see every investment.

Let Us Become Your SEO Company in Glasgow

If you’ve been searching for an expert consultant to undertake the work for your website’s SEO in Glasgow, whether you’re looking to generate more leads in the local area, or want to see your website right at the top of Google’s search results, Bamboo Nine will be here to help. We can offer you everything you need to stay ahead of your competitors, and we will work with you as a team to ensure that all your goals are met for your business.

We will set out everything to your specifications, so our work will always be focused exactly where you would like it to be. Everything you need will be done on a bespoke budget you’ve set with us as well, so you’ll never need to worry about what you might be spending on getting the job done. To learn more about this, or to start building your brand into a household name, get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to chat about making good businesses great online.

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