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6 Tips to Improve Your Ranking Organically

At Bamboo Nine we understand the importance of improving your ranking in Google and we know how essential it is for the process to be organic. Every business wants to show up on to the top of search engines because it means higher visibility, more conversions and an increase in sales. Every single day millions of people turn to Google to answer their questions and help them find the services they are looking for and yours could be one of them.

Reaching the top of the search results takes a lot of work – as we well know – and a solid SEO strategy. Over the years, we have been growing and improving Bamboo Nine, we have continued to study Google algorithms and educate ourselves on SEO because you can never stop learning and Digital Marketing is all about constantly learning about and adapting to an ever-changing environment. One of the most essential SEO strategies for increasing the productivity of your business is by improving your Google organic search rankings. Below, we have listed our top tips for success to help ensure you reach the top organically and honestly.

Develop Your Content Strategy

Content is the most essential element to improve your Google ranking organically. If you do not have content, it is unlikely you will climb the ladder of success on Google. Your website must have a blog and several content-filled landing pages. This allows you to constantly add content to your website, keep it updated and regularly post.

The Search Engines love content and lots of it! In Google’s eyes, a website that regularly posts content which is informative, up to date and interesting adds value to the user and therefore is ranked higher.
Another element of content is that, if it is good, it gets shared. Always remember that writing compelling and informative content that is high-quality attracts a lot of interest from potential customers who may be encouraged to share it with others. High-quality content with clickable headlines have the best chance of being shared and going viral – all the while increasing your Google ranking while simultaneously increasing your visibility as a company.

Identify Your Target Keywords

Alongside writing compelling content, you must ensure you target relevant keywords to improve your Google ranking. Keyword research helps you determine what people are searching for and needing information on. By discovering relevant keywords, you will be far better equipped to write content that directly serves the needs of your potential customers.
Think about how people would search for your products and services and make a list of those keywords. Alternatively, for more accurate results you can use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner which help whittle keywords down to those that are searched for most frequently. For ultimate keyword success, we would recommend including a number of your keywords within the first paragraph of your content as this helps Google recognise the relevance of the content straight away and propels you onto those first pages of Google.

Attract High Quality Links

Links to your site that are high-quality always improve your Google ranking and increase your visibility. Guest blogging and infographic distribution are great ways to attract high quality links. Beyond creating unique content on your website, it is important to start link building. Your aim is to get other websites to link to your business through content pages or blog posts.

An effective way to start creating high-quality links is by interlinking your own content. So, when you write a blog post choose relevant sentences of keywords to hyperlink to content you have published previously. This will improve the crawlability of your website and keep your customers on your site for longer.

Our advice would be to have social media sharing links at the bottom of your content pages. The goal is to make it easy for others to link to your website without forcing them into it.

Get Social

Getting social is a positive way of increasing the visibility of your company and making your brand more recognisable within your industry. Making your company website available on all digital channels is extremely important. We live in a digital age, there is no escaping it. If you haven’t already done so, consider setting up social media pages to improve your online presence. We would recommend creating a social media account for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

This way, you are more equipped to share your knowledge and expertise with other professionals in your industry. It’s all about building connections and being socially active. Get social by regularly contributing to online forums and popular websites from your niche, giving advice and offering people your contact should they have any further questions. This is an effective way of placing your brand at the forefront of people’s minds and potentially increasing traffic to your website in the long-run.

Page Titles

Always optimise your page titles. Google considers page titles to be one of the most important on-page SEO elements for improving your search engine ranking. Page titles should be short and concise, preferably with a keyword so that Google recognises it as relevant. Page titles need to grab the interest of readers as the goal is for them to click on the article and read it, possibly even purchase your services as a result – that is the ultimatum! So, be sure to think carefully about your page titles and optimise them for Google.

Analyse Your Results

You can’t grow your company effectively if you do not set goals or analyse your progress. It is important to measure the impact of your efforts on Google ranking and sales generation. If you are not making any progress, analyse the areas in which you are falling short and aim to improve. An analytics tool such as Google’s Universal Analytics is helpful for measuring changes in search traffic as well as tracking the interaction from visitors. These tools can be an encouraging addition to your business, helping you celebrate the successes and clearly pointing out areas where improvement is necessary. It’s all about adapting to the methods that work for you.
If you would like any more advice about growing your Google ranking organically, give us a call and Bamboo Nine, we would be more than happy to advise you. And if you have succeeded in SEO, leave your top tips below – we always love hearing the advice of others!