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Improving leads through bespoke web development

As an e-commerce sales focused and lead generating agency, we understand the importance a website plays in this process. Our designers and developers are skilled in UX, SEO and accessibility, and work closely with the Paid Media and SEO teams to ensure your website is optimised to get you more clicks and more customers.

Designs and Lines - Desktop View
Designs and Lines - Mobile View

About Designs & Lines

Designs & Lines are an independent UK based company, who specialise in transforming dull playgrounds into educational, fun and captivating areas. Their website was feeling a little dull, a little outdated, and wasn’t quite capturing the life and energy of their brand. Armed with their brand colours, their logo, and some lovely images of their fantastic playground creations, we set out to design a site which reflected their bright and playful creations, while prioritising their main goal: getting teachers and school staff to contact them about their product.

We designed and built a whole new WordPress site from scratch, working with the SEO department to create landing pages optimised for the content they create, and the Paid Media team to ensure there were templates optimised to convert leads from their campaigns.

Gartec Website on Desktop
Gartec Website Mobile View

About Gartec

Gartec are the UK’s leading supplier and installer of platform lifts for public, commercial and home use. They had recently launched new websites for both their Home and Commercial platforms, but they weren’t happy with the final builds. They came to us for help transforming their cramped and cluttered designs into something cleaner and more elegant. Having just created and populated two new sites from scratch, Gartec didn’t want to start a whole new build, so we decided to create a new design which could be applied to their existing site structure and content.

Yomira - Desktop View
Yomira - Mobile View

About Yomira

With over 50 years combined experience in the yachting industry, Yomira are experts at designing incredible charter experiences. They had a bespoke website with a unique style, and needed a little help with their SEO. To create an effective SEO campaign, we needed to design and build pages which could present the optimised content our copywriting team were creating, while maintaining the style and elegance of Yomira’s existing site.

We designed and built a new page template for Yomira’s yachts, and created a landing page area of the site for location specific searches.

Your Web development team

We’ve put together a team in-house that are skilled in all aspects of web development, from the initial design to build.

Chris Johnston, Head of Technical

Chris Johnson

Head of Data & Engineering

Philippe Bailey

Lead Web Developer

James Tarrat, Design

James Tarratt

Senior Designer

A Photo of Holly

Holly Thoms

Senior Designer

Josh Hudson

Web Developer

William Axtell, SEO

William Axtell

Digital Analytics Specialist

Zain Bador

WordPress Developer

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