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Did You Know It’s National Panda Day?

We didn’t…at least not until we adopted a panda through WWF! National Panda Day is celebrated around the world, raising awareness for these incredible creatures and highlighting all that is being done to protect them.
So, to help you celebrate National Panda Day we are going to tell you a little bit about pandas and the funny things they do!

When National Panda Day Began

Everyone know what pandas look like but if you don’t, they are basically big black-and-white bears. Super fluffy and very cute. Unfortunately, these cuddly but cute bears are endangered due to destruction of their habitats through deforestation. Sadly, the number of pandas in the wild has been decreasing for many years and they will quickly become extinct if conservation workers do not receive the support they need to protect the environment.

National Panda Day celebrates pandas and raises awareness of the panda’s vulnerability, encouraging people like you and I to sponsor them. Here at Bamboo Nine we are proud to support the efforts of the WWF who care about the future of panda bears and are doing everything they can to protect pandas’ habitats – keeping the species alive and thriving.

Fun Facts About Panda

  • Pandas poo 40 times a day!
  • Pandas spend 14 hours eating every day!
  • One panda can get through 15kg of bamboo shoots and leaves every day
  • Unlike most bears, pandas do not hibernate
  • There are only around 1,000 pandas left in the wild – we must do everything we can to help protect them!

Panda Bear Getting Stuck

Did you know? Panda bears get stuck in trees all. the. time? Check out the video below for evidence!

Panda Bears are Very Playful!

Have you ever seen this video? Pandas are extremely playful animals and are always getting in trouble.

Everyone Falls in Love with Panda Babies

What could be cuter than panda bear babies? Seriously, they are so adorable and we need more of them to help get this species off the endangered list!

How Do You Celebrate National Panda Day?

You may have never heard of National Panda Day and you may be wondering how to celebrate this landmark occasion! Well, we would suggest visiting these incredible animals at your nearest zoo!

Alternatively, you could take action and help protect these vulnerable creatures by raising money for panda conservation or donating to organisations such as the WWF who dedicate their lives to protecting endangered species.

We’ve sponsored pandas through WWF and couldn’t be more proud to support this species! We’ve been celebrating National Panda Day in the office today, have you?