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Bamboo Nine named Google Premier Partners

Bamboo Nine is a proud Google Premier Partner in Paid Media. This makes us part of an elite few; in fact, it puts us in the top 3% of digital marketing agencies in the whole of the UK.

The Premier award means we are industry leaders who have exceeded all Google Partner requirements and have demonstrated success after success in Certifications, Client Retention, and Performance.

Here, we explore how our Premier status benefits our Paid Media clients and how we achieved this gleaming badge of honour.
If you want to get straight to supercharging your Paid Media campaign with a Premier agency, just get in touch.

Bamboo Nine is in the top 3% of digital marketing agencies

On regaining our proud Premier status, co-founder Chris Rivera commented: 

We started our journey in 2014 when Bamboo Nine was established. Due to our tenacity and passion to prove a point to ourselves and our clients, we were awarded Premier status within 2 years in 2016.

In 2022, Google suddenly changed their standards for Premier status, which meant we briefly lost the title. To win it back within 12 months is a testament to our resolve and pride in work and all credit goes to our Heads of Paid Media, Zak Pashen & Denise Facca for getting us back to where we belong. 

Our clients deserve to be with a Google Premier Partner, and we are delighted to be one. We are excited to work closely with Google to improve our offerings to our clientele.

Our Paid Media clients get special access to the exclusive services that only come from Premier status:

  • Access to exclusive resources and training, ensuring all campaigns are ahead of the curve
  • Specialist expertise and in-depth understanding of Google’s inner workings, which means more targeted, effective campaigns 
  • Early access to new Google Ads features, giving campaigns the competitive edge
  • An established relationship with Google, meaning any issues get solved faster with full access to additional resources

What is a Google Premier Partner?

So what does “Google Premier Partner” mean exactly? It means that we as an agency have met a set of strict requirements that prove our proficiency in all things Google, including Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Ads.

What are the Google Premier Partner requirements?

First, you need to meet the Google Partner requirements:

  1. Ad spend: Over a 90-day period, an agency needs to spend $10,000 minimum across all the accounts they manage.
  1. Certification: At least two employees at the agency must be certified by Google Ads. Specifically, at least one must be certified in advanced display or advanced search. 
  1. Best practices: Google has a set of best practices for Google Ads management that an agency needs to follow in all campaigns, including policy adherence and proper  optimisation techniques. As well as this, an agency must demonstrate honesty and transparency with its clients.
  1. Performance: Partnership requires proving strong performance and growth across all managed accounts; client retention and satisfaction are crucial.

So, to then meet Google Premier Partner status, an agency needs to have all of the above plus:

Existing client growth

Premier partners must grow their existing clients. This is measured by both year-on-year ads spend growth and by ads spend among an agency’s existing Google Ads clients.

New client growth

The Partner’s ability to acquire new clients is measured by year-on-year ads spend growth and ads spend across existing first-time Google Ads clients.

Client retention

Premier status requires the demonstrable ability to sustain client business. This is measured by the percentage of clients with active Google Ads spend who are managed by the partner and are retained year on year.

Product diversification

This means a demonstrated investment in product mix beyond Search. It’s measured by the percentage of non-Search spend on YouTube, Display & Video 360, Display, Apps and Shopping each calendar year.

Annual ads spend

Investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform is measured by spend across managed accounts each calendar year

Google Partner vs Premier Partner: The Premier Difference

Earning the special Premier status means access to exclusive Google resources and support, including beta testing opportunities that agencies with only Google Partner status won’t have. It also means dedicated account managers at Google that provide extra support, ensuring we stay fully up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in digital advertising. 

In turn, this means more effective campaigns that are ahead of the curve and that really drive results. Partnering with a Google Premier agency is the best way to supercharge your Google Ads campaign.

Start a Premier Partnership Today

Google dominates over 90% of the Search Engine market share. Making the most of the business opportunities that this platform presents has never been more crucial. If you need help boosting your online performance, Bamboo Nine is the agency of choice.

Not only do you get to partner with industry experts, but you also get a passionate, dedicated team who cares about the unique needs of your business. We believe in transparency and honest collaboration. That’s why we operate on a rolling contract policy with bespoke monthly reporting.

Our team are UK leaders in Paid Media, specialising in:

  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Google Shopping (PLA)
  • Display/Remarketing
  • Paid Social
  • Smart Campaigns

Working with an agency with Google Premier Partnership status gives you an edge over the competition in all of these sectors. Utilise our expert knowledge and see how we can increase your online performance with Paid Media advertising.