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7 Top Tips for Wellness in the Workplace

Investing in the wellness of your workplace is incredibly important and can have a significant impact on the happiness of your employees. A happy workplace can help improve general productivity and satisfaction at work. What’s more, it can also reduce sickness and absenteeism – what could be better? Here at Bamboo Nine we are all for encouraging wellness in the workplace and that’s why I am sharing my top tips with you!

Stop Taking Your Work Home with You

I know, we’ve all been there, wrapping up our day in the office only to open our laptops once we’ve arrived home to check on a few outstanding projects. A shocking statistic from the HSE reported that 428,000 professionals in the UK suffered from work-related stress to the extent of illness. However, with the number of people taking their work home with them, this statistic is hardly surprising.

Although we may be working longer hours than ever before, it is just as important as ever to separate your work and personal life. Find a balance and regularly take time out for yourself, it will make all the difference.

Try to Walk Once a Day

To improve both your physical and mental health, I would recommend going for a walk at least once a day. A walk around town or a local park at lunchtime is a great way to clear your head and enjoy the fresh air. Walking encourages mental relaxation, greater productivity, and a fresh new focus.

You could even up the stakes and encourage others in your office to participate in ‘walking meetings’. Apparently, it was Richard Branson who started up this trend and it is known to be a popular and productive way of hosting meetings.However, I must admit, I have never tried this myself.

Sneak in Those Extra Steps

Perhaps you have a Fitbit or an Apple Watch, or you simply want to keep your fitness up. A great way to do this in an office job, where you spend most of the day sitting, is to sneak-in extra steps whenever you can.

This may look like parking your car in the furthest spot from the office so that you have to walk to get to your desk.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration is one of the worst things when working in an office as it has numerous negative effects, such as headaches, sleepiness, and low-productivity. All those medical journals telling us the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day weren’t exaggerating. Improve your day-to-day office routine by keeping a full bottle of water on your desk at all times. This will remind you to drink regularly and stay hydrated throughout the day, no matter how many emails you have to answer.

Release Some of that Tension

Sadly, the build-up of tension is extremely common in office jobs where an employee sits at a desk all day. To avoid this tension, aim to stretch in your chair every hour, flex your toes, do wrist circles, work your neck side-to-side, roll your shoulders around, or stand up and shake off that built-up tension.

If your office space planning was done well, you may be able to enjoy an open office plan where it’s even easier to release tension because there is more space to walk around. Not only is this a great way of flexing tired muscles, but it also helps you regain concentration and tackle that final hour of work effectively. Interesting fact: white office furniture is thought to minimise stress and help relieve tension.

Enjoy a Healthy Packed Lunch

I know that it takes a little more preparation than most of us would like but taking a packed lunch to work is extremely beneficial – both for your health and your bank account. Enjoying a packed lunch helps you make healthy choices and gives you time to enjoy your lunch break to the full.

Enjoy Mini-Breaks Throughout the Day

Mini-breaks help break up your day and encourage regular movement. Schedule a few mini-breaks into your calendar, reminding yourself to stand up and stretch your legs. Mini-breaks can do the world of good and really improve your physical and mental wellness. Why not give them a try and see whether min-breaks benefit you?

I hope you have found my tips for wellness in the office helpful. Perhaps they were good reminders to take more time for yourself, be more aware of your physicality throughout the day, or just to give yourself a break from time-to-time. For more information on making the most of your office space, visit the London office furniture specialists. I hope you will implement some of these tips into your daily routine and enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy day.