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Improve Your SEO: How to Gain Links With Outreach

Outreach is one of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing. Outreach is all about reaching out to potential clients and businesses and offering them something they want. Here at Bamboo Nine, we know that good content doesn’t promote itself. You need an audience. However, building an audience means getting exposure and the best way to do this is through links with other companies. And this all starts with outreach.
So, how exactly do you outreach? Read on to find out more.

Understand Your Business

This may seem like a strange point. However, many people often begin their outreach campaign without fully understanding exactly what their business is offering. The first step in effective outreach is ensuring that you fully understand your business and what you represent. Make sure you understand the unique value that your business has to offer so that you can communicate clearly and succinctly with potential clients.

Create an Outreach List

So, you understand your business, what it is you are offering and what you hope to gain. Now you are ready to begin the outreach process. It is best to begin by creating an outreach list. This is a centralised location where you will be able to keep track of everyone you are contacting. Once you have created your outreach list, you just need to keep it up to date with your progress.

Create Great Content

This may be an obvious point, but to successfully outreach you must create great content that people will share. Great content that is shareable will raise awareness of your business and the quality of your brand. Ensure that your content is good quality, creating a good impression of you and your business. People wonโ€™t want to share badly written content as it will reflect negatively on them. Therefore, ensure that your content is of the highest possible standard so that you gain a positive reputation.

Thorough Link Prospecting

Now comes the fun part. You can begin the link prospecting process. Begin by going through all contact and websites you have added to your outreach list, selecting target sites until you are left with an organised lift of highly qualified link prospects and opportunities. Remove sites that do not meet your quality and relevancy standards. You only want to link with people that will improve your business.

Understand Audience

Once you have refined your outreach list, it is time to dive into that all-important research. The goal with this research is to familiarise yourself with the people you will be contacting, so that you can understand the people behind the websites. This will boost your knowledge and allow you to communicate confidently about their industry, speaking persuasively on why a link will benefit their website and why their audience will benefit from the link. Do your research thoroughly, get a good idea of their interests and begin to understand what is important to them.

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is key when learning how to successfully outreach. Communication is an integral part of business success. It relies on the ability to speak directly to your audience, clearly and concisely. You need to be able to explain to others, in a way that they will understand, why your link would be valuable to their site. Communicating persuasively and effectively is critical for your outreach strategy to be successful.

Collect Positive Quotes 

People like to see evidence that others are benefiting from your business and that they are interacting with your brand. Contact your happiest clients asking for quotes on why they like using your business. Use these quotes in your marketing material by displaying them on your website, social media and in your outreach emails. This will greatly boost external interest in your company.

The Outreach Email

Sending outreach emails remains one of the most popular, effective and traditional methods of outreach. Naturally, it can be a case of trial and error. Therefore, we would suggest tailoring your approach to see what works for you.

When contacting websites, it is helpful to reference any articles that you have seen to show that you understand the nature of the site and have been reading the content on offer. By personalising your email in this way, you come across as relatable and invested in the company.

Final Thoughts

No outreach campaign is perfect. You should always be looking for ways to improve your outreach strategies by tracking the results of your efforts and making adjustments when necessary. Here at Bamboo Nine, we know first-hand that outreach marketing can be difficult. It can often leave you feeling disheartened when you don’t receive a reply. However, just remember that outreach, like most of marketing, takes time but it can definitely benefit your business in the long run. Outreach often leads to opportunities for growth and the development of your business.
What are some of the ways you successfully outreach? We would love to hear your tips and tricks. Let us know in the comments below.