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Why Do We Write Content?

In a world where traditional marketing tactics are now obsolete, content writing and the ability to engage with your audience is providing endless rewards. Here at Bamboo Nine we know the importance of content creation and why it is essential for the success of any business. Content creation is one of the most effective marketing strategies we, as businesses, have. And we must make use of it. So, let’s look at why we write content and what well-written content can achieve in the world of Digital Marketing.

Sharing Content

We write content to share it. Sharing content is essential as it increases your company’s visibility and shows your readers, other industry experts and potential clients that you are familiar with your industry and know what you are talking about. Your website should be content-driven and frequently updated with high quality content as this helps to increase your company’s visibility, attracts visitors, gains a following and converts consumers. Without available content, it will be difficult for you to generate new web traffic.

Quality Content Generates Leads

Generating content of a high standard with predictable regularity will generate leads. Once you have attracting a visitor to your site, the difficulty is keeping them there for any amount of time. Ideally, you want to find a way to maintain engagement. One way to do this is by interlinking your content to other posts or products on the website to allow website crawlability. To generate a lead, you want to make your content accessible and provide a place where visitors can provide their email address in return for a compelling piece of content. Essentially, you want people to subscribe to your website so that they can receive every piece of content you publish as soon as it is on the website.

Build Trust

Content creating helps to convert visitors to customers but first you must build trust. Visitors like to be reassured that you are trustworthy and an expert in the service you are providing before they commit. Using ‘how to’ content is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and reassure your visitors you know what you are talking about. The more content you have on your website that is relevant to Google searches, the longer people are likely to spend on your site. Being an authority on a subject is important as it builds trust and trust is something that customers make purchasing decisions on.

Content Builds Community

Content matters exceedingly to consumers as well as businesses. The majority of us tend to research a product or service before we commit to a purchase. Therefore, you can see the correlation between content and success. By giving your customers valued content, they have a reason to invest time in your brand. Content at its best can help encourage discussion of ideas, provoke questions and get everyone talking. Just be sure you are present during these conversations to show that your company can engage successfully with its customers and build relationships.

Content Adds Value

Content adds value to your business. People expect your business to inform and educate them on the service you provide. The content on your website will add value to your company and enhance your brand. The more content, the higher your ranking on Google and the more visible your company will be to potential visitors and customers. People want to go to your website and discover a wealth of information. Using written content, images and video can make your website even more attractive, helpfully encouraging visitors to return to it routinely.

Search Engines Look for Content

The content you create matters to search engines. Consumers turn to Google for solutions to their problems. And Google ranks your content higher when it is relevant to popular searches. This is where keyword research comes strongly into play for ultimate success. After all, people are searching for specific things and if your content covers it, Google will rank it. The more relevant your content is to Google searches, the better your chance of getting a higher ranking once a search is conducted by your prospective customer or client. Publishing fresh articles regularly and updated your existing content will help you maintain a high ranking on search engines and keep people coming back to your site as your content is relevant and kept up-to-date.

Content Interlinking

I mentioned interlinking within your content earlier in this article but I think it deserves its own heading. Writing content allows you the opportunity to interlink. Interlinking is where you create links within your content that link to other pages of your website or other articles you have written. This allows visitors to your website to click from page-to-page in your website, encouraging them to spend longer on your website. Interlinking is also a positive way to prove to the search engines that your content is relevant as the search engines think that if pages of good content are continuously linked back to your website, they must be relevant. Soon you will find that interlinking helps to boost your SEO ranking and attracts more visitors to your website.


The goal of content marketing is to add value to your website, engage with customers, inform and entertain. In adding to your existing unique media, curated content allows you to demonstrate knowledge and an ability to work with others. Getting started with content creation can be intimidating at first, but once you get started it can be beneficial for nearly any platform.
Finally, I would encourage you that it’s not about having as much content as possible on your website but it’s about having content that is relevant to the search engines and to your customers. If your content is relevant, interesting and informative, your customers will want to read it and share it on social media. If your content is not good then nobody will read it and the search engines will ignore it as irrelevant. It really is that simple. To find out how much content you should write, check out my article for more information.
Here at Bamboo Nine we understand the importance of content which is why we aim to upload articles that are informative, educational and helpful to customers, visitors to the site and other companies. Check out our blog for the selection of content we offer.