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Paid Media Via Bamboo Nine

Our Story

Bamboo Nine was established in 2014 because we believed that there was a gap in the market for a fully transparent, educational and client-focused digital marketing agency. We knew we could do things better; we could be more transparent with the work we produce in order to build trust, we could utilise better technology and be more collaborative to build longer-lasting relationships with our clients.

This approach became the essence of what Bamboo Nine stands for: Transparency, Technology and Exceptional Customer Service. Never deviating from this, our agency has grown to become an established Premier Google Partner and a Google Ads Certified Agency that boasts a 90% client retention rate. We’ve built a brand name that’s synonymous with transparent digital marketing by offering unrivalled customer service and a fully committed digital marketing experience. With a ‘zero margin’ policy our clients you always know where 100% of your ad spend is allocated. We’ve also invested in sophisticated call tracking technology and the ongoing development of new and exclusive in-house tools to support our expert account managers in delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Digital Marketing

Whether you’re new to PPC (pay-per-click) or a seasoned Paid Media professional, we understand that the world of online advertising and digital marketing can at times seem overwhelming. Whether you are looking to increase ROI, drive traffic to a landing page or raise your brand awareness, there have never been so many ways to utilise search engines to get your services, products or brand in front customers.

From PPC Advertising to SEO and Social Media, there is a host of different online marketing platforms and strategies that can help you achieve your goals. With over 5.6 billion searches a day on Google alone, having your product or services listed at the top of one of their search results pages at the exact time someone is searching for it can have an incredible impact on your business. And that’s what PPC offers, all you need is a budget, a clear strategy that aligns with your business goals and a landing page ready to receive almost instant traffic.

Paid Media

As experts in Paid Media, we want you to see Bamboo Nine as an extension of your team so, from the offset, you’ll be assigned your own talented account manager who will collaborate with you to create meaningful short and/or long-term strategies based on your business objectives and the metrics that matter most to you.

If you’re brand new to the world of digital marketing then your account manager will be on hand to guide you through every stage; from setting up your account to how we’ll structure your campaigns, our extensive keyword research process, conversion tracking implementation and much more. Working with you, we’ll also establish who and where your target market is, which channels will be best suited to reach these audiences before creating the kind of relevant ad copy messaging that’s going to engage those audiences effectively.

Or, if you’ve previously advertised using a digital marketing platform such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing) or any type of Paid Social Media marketing then we will perform a full audit of your previous campaign setup. From here, we are able to use the historical data within the account to build a strategy based on your budget with targets and KPI’s that utilises your existing data as a benchmark before rebuilding your campaigns in a granular structure that maximises relevancy and delivers a custom user experience.

Everything we do is based around getting you results and the following outlines some of the channels and platforms we use depending on whether your focus is eCommerce, lead generation or both!

Paid Search

The name given to expanded text ads that are shown at the top of the search engine’s results page above and below the organic listings most found on Google and Bing.

Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads)

Similar to text ads, these will also display in the sponsored search results on both Google and Bing, however, the formatting will include a product image, price, and the merchant name.

Display Ads

Whereas Paid Search text ads are only shown on the search engines results page, Display ads are shown across over 2 million websites and videos that form part of the Google and Microsoft Display Networks.


A useful tool used to target and re-engage users who have previously visited or interacted with your site as they browse Google and its partner websites.

Paid Social

Target specific audiences and demographics with sponsored content on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

All the formats above operate on a pay-per-click basis meaning that you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and the reason why PPC remains a cost-effective way of increasing revenue and leads.

Lastly, we base your recommended monthly Google Ads Budget on three factors:

  • The average CPC (Cost-per-Click) of the most relevant keywords to your industry, product, or service
  • The volume of competition for those keywords
  • Your targets regarding ROI, ROAS or other KPI’s.

Google Ads Set-Up

The most used platform is Google Ads and with Google dominating around 90% of the search market share, it’s easy to see why. What makes it so great is that it can be effective regardless of whether your budget is small or large and the ads that we’ll create will get your business in front of customers already in the market and actively searching for your product or services.

Detailed below is what you can expect to receive as standard for a typical Google Ads lead generation setup. It’s by no means comprehensive, but it works as a broad overview.

  • Account Audit (If Applicable)
  • Client Onboarding
  • PPC and SEO Integration
  • Keyword Research
  • Data Analysis and Strategy Formulation
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Call Tracking and any Additional 3rd Party Software Required
  • Bespoke Campaign Creation Tailored to Your Unique Goals
  • Ad Extensions
  • Strategy and Campaign Structure Presentation
  • Conversion Tracking

Campaign Management

Building a best-in-class campaign structure is just the beginning. Once your campaigns are live, we’ll collect, analyse, and use the data to inform our decision-making process as we continually look for ways to optimise and improve the performance of your account. Every single data point has the potential to unearth the key to give you the advantage over your competitors and provide real value to your business. That’s why we regularly perform split A/B tests and experiments, Expansions to increase ad relevancy, negative keyword identification, ad schedules, audience, demographic and device bid modifiers plus a whole lot more. The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and we want to make sure your campaigns do too.

Custom Reporting

We provide all our clients with detailed weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports that clearly display how your campaigns performed. This, in tandem with key insights into your account and a summary of proactive measures we’ll then take, means you can measure not only your performance but also ours. It’s this, “put our money where our mouth is” approach that embodies Bamboo Nine as an agency and why we don’t believe in long contracts. Our work should speak for itself.

Campaign Creation / Set-Up Fees:

All of Bamboo Nine’s campaign creation fees are billed as a one-off payment plus VAT and do not include the integration fee.

If you are eligible for Google Grants or GrantsPro account, we will happily offer a 50% discount on set-up fees.

Google Search Campaigns

Monthly Budget of £1,500 or less£500 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £1,501 to £5,000£1,000 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £5,001 to £10,000£1,500 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £10,001 or More£2,000 + VAT

Google Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaign Creation£500 + VAT
Shopping Feed Creation (If needed)£500 + VAT

Shopping Feed Restructure (If needed):

Less than 100 Products£500 + VAT
101 to 500 Products£800 + VAT
501 or More Products£1,500 + VAT

Microsoft Ads or Shopping Campaigns (Providing Google Ads Exists)

Monthly Budget of less than £2,500£400 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £2,501 or More£600 + VAT

Google Display Campaigns

Display & Remarketing Campaigns£300 + VAT

Microsoft Ads or Shopping Campaigns (Providing Google Ads Exists)

Monthly Budget of less than £2,500£400 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £2,501 or More£600 + VAT

Google Display Campaigns

Display & Remarketing Campaigns£300 + VAT

Paid Social Campaigns

Monthly Budget of £1,500 or less£300 + VAT
Monthly Budget £1,501 to £5,000£600 + VAT
Monthly Budget £5,001 to £10,000£900 + VAT
Monthly Budget £10,001+£1,200 + VAT
Facebook Shops Set Up Fee£400 + VAT

Amazon Shopping Campaigns

Less than 100 Products£500 + VAT
101 to 500 Products£1,100 + VAT
501 to 2000 Products£2,000 + VAT
2001 or more Products£2,800 + VAT

Technical Integration / Tracking Fee

£250 + VAT

Monthly Management Fees:

Our fees are based on your monthly spend on Ad Spend.

If you are eligible for Google Grants or GrantsPro account, we will happily offer a 50% discount on our monthly management fees.

Google Search Campaigns

Monthly Budget of £1 to £2,500£500 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £2,501 to £30,00020% of Google Ads spend + VAT
Monthly Budget of £30,001 to £100,000Negotiable via Directors

Google Shopping Campaigns

Monthly Budget of £1 to £3,000£600 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £3,001 to £30,00020% of Google Ads spend + VAT
Monthly Budget of £30,001 to £100,000Negotiable via Directors

Combined Google Search & Shopping Campaigns
(When both are required)

Monthly Budget of £1 to £3,750£750 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £3,751 to £30,00020% of Google Ads spend + VAT
Monthly Budget of £30,001 to £100,000Negotiable via Directors

Microsoft Ads or Shopping Campaigns
(Providing Google Ads Exists)

Monthly Budget of £1 to £2,500£300 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £1,500 to £30,00012% of Microsoft Ads spend + VAT
Monthly Budget of £30,001 to £100,000Negotiable via Directors

Paid Social Campaigns

Monthly Budget of £1 to £1,500£300 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £1,501 to £30,00020% of Social Ads spend + VAT

Amazon Shopping Campaigns

Monthly Budget of £1 to £2,500£500 + VAT
Monthly Budget of £2,501 to £30,00020% of Amazon spend + VAT
Monthly Budget of £30,001 to £100,000Negotiable via Directors

Fees Broken Down

What your Management Fees Cover:

  • 24/7 customer service via the Directors
  • Continual Testing & Experiments
  • Automated Bidding Trials
  • Campaign Type Expansions
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Weekly Reporting (as needed)
  • Monthly Reporting (as needed)
  • Quarterly Reviews (as needed)
  • Ongoing Keyword Bid Optimisation
  • Ongoing Search Query Analysis/Expansion
  • Competitor Analysis/Monitoring
  • PPC Communication & Consultancy
  • Forecasting and seasonal budget recommendations (as needed)

Other Costs

We always recommend our non eCommerce clients use call tracking. This allows us to track not just how many incoming calls we generate, but we can understand what keywords are driving the calls. When we know this, we can optimise more intelligently – and spend your budget on better performing keywords.

This service costs £50 per month via Mediahawk. You pay direct to Mediahawk, so you know we don’t make money off this necessity.

This is an agency rate, and if you went direct to Mediahawk, you’d pay at least 100% more for this service. 

How we Invoice

Once you’ve decided that you would like to work with Bamboo Nine, we’ve discussed your campaign’s strategy and you’re happy for us to begin your build, our Accounts Team will set you up as a new account and invoice you for the setup fee and the first month’s management fee.

Once this is paid, we then start the campaign build.

The recurring invoice then starts 30 days after the launch of the campaign.

Why Choose Bamboo Nine

  • Premier Google Ads Partner
  • Microsoft Advertising Partner
  • 30 Day Rolling Contracts
  • A Transparent, Educational & Collaborative Agency
  • No Hidden Margins
  • You Own Your Data
  • You Pay The Publishers Direct
  • You See Everything We Do – Communication for us is key
  • Call Tracking (recommended)
  • We are a 7 year old established Agency.

Transparency & Reporting

You will receive dedicated support throughout your digital marketing campaigns, managed by a team of people that care passionately about your business. Our reports are sent out every month via a link to our reports page, where you can access with your own unique password. This link is yours alone and allows you to view past months successes, not just your current months.

All digital Paid Media campaigns are completely transparent. We justify and report on every hour we spend on your campaign to ensure you are getting the absolute best value for money.

Customer care, attention to detail and consistent results are the reasons why our clients continue to work with Bamboo Nine.

What our clients have to say

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bamboo Nine; they did exactly what we asked them to do and more in a very short space of time and it was a pleasure working with Zak Pashen, Chris Rivera and their Head of Technical, Chris Johnson.

Ian Parrish, Bourne Leisure

I have been extremely pleased with the quality of lead generation that our PPC campaign has given us. We are consistently visible on the first page of Google for all of our targeted search terms and the fact that over half of our business comes from google shows how well it works. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bamboo Nine to any escape room looking to increase online visibility and sales because they definitely know what they’re doing!

Phil Harris, Pier Pressure

Bamboo Nine’s attitude of never settling and always looking to outperform their previous years achievements for me makes them one of our best business partners and an organisation that shares our pursuit of excellence within the online marketplace.

Tom Cullingford, R4R

Chris, I just wanted to let you know how fantastic Luke has been. All of your team are always so quick to respond and get things done but given the current circumstances he’s been truly amazing (and Steve with the bits he’s been assisting with too 🙂). Of course not forgetting the rest of the guys; Denise has been great as always too, implementing our EHB restructure today and advising us on our PPC at this uncertain time. You really do have an awesome crew!

Lucy Hunt, Oak Frames Direct

Chris and Steve have been brilliant with me, even more so through the lockdown. Since meeting you and Bamboo Nine, only great things have happened for Burlingtons, so thank you!

Daniel Ives, Burlingtons

We have worked with Bamboo Nine for over 4 years and they are always on the end of the phone and happy to answer questions we have, not just PPC questions! Their customer service is honestly amazing and we see Chris as a part of our business. Our campaigns are run ever so well and long may our relationship continue.

Charlotte Thompson, Thames RIB Experience

I wanted to pass on my thanks for the results we have achieved this week and the weekend, great performance and appreciate you keeping a close eye on what is happening. Your work on our campaign clearly starting to pay off and I appreciate all the great things you are doing.

Mark, Sand Architectural

Bamboo Nine, we love our new website! You took our brief and blew us away. The feedback from our clients about our website has been extremely positive and we have already won contracts on the strength of it. We can’t thank you enough!

Francesca Coleman-Carr, Sash Windows London Ltd

Bamboo Nine have been pivotal in moving us forward with our Digital Marketing this year. Specifically focusing on Google Ads, the Bamboo Nine team have gone above and beyond to make sure we’re optimising this crucial area of our business. They’re a great team to work with… knowledgeable, experienced and adaptable

Sally Gamester, Venture Blue

I never have to worry about my campaign. Every day I get leads, which is what I want. I know they are working behind the scenes daily to improve the campaign even more so and I appreciate the fact I can get on and run my business while they do their thing.

Dom Fagan, Concrete Flooring Solutions

The online sales generated via Bamboo Nine has been outstanding.

Luke Church, JMD

I trust Bamboo Nine because they always go the extra mile for us. Their service and more importantly, their results; is why we are loyal to them. We expect a lot, and they deliver.

Daniel Humphreys, Sure Removals

They do what they say they’ll do, and they do it well. I have complete faith and trust in Chris and his team.

Alan Read, AMR Pest Control

Since I’ve worked with Bamboo Nine, our Google Shopping campaign and PPC campaign has improved drastically and we now get the leads in to the business that we want and need, rather than just clicks to our website. The guys are always on the ball and always contactable and due to the success of my PPC campaign, I have introduced Bamboo Nine to other companies with my full recommendation.

Ali Sik, Stone and Wood Shop

Bamboo Nine restored my faith in Digital Marketing agencies

Paul, Sure Removals

Meet Your Paid Media Team

Our paid media team has been growing year on year due to client retention and more businesses trusting our ethics. We run campaigns where the monthly budgets range between £2,000 to £100,000.

Zak Pashen

Head of Paid Media

Denise Facca

Paid Media Manager

Tom Haynes

Paid Media Manager

Olwyn Walsh

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Harry Makins

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Thom Wilson

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Team photo missing

Kenny Ho

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Elena Browning

Paid Search Analyst

Alice Lawrence

Paid Search Analyst

Jessica Laidlaw

Paid Search Executive

Daniel Gee

Paid Search Analyst

Team photo missing

Fabiano Rubiu

Paid Search Analyst

Jack Hedges

Paid Search Executive

Kallum Saleem

Paid Search Analyst

Team photo missing

Luca Tinnirello

Paid Search Analyst