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Google Ads Paid Media Proposal

Paid Media via Bamboo Nine

We started Bamboo Nine because we saw a gap in the market for a fully transparent, ethical and client focused agency. Trust is the only way to build relationships, and with this trust we will deliver world-class customer service and of course, results.

Chris Rivera, Bamboo Nine

Bamboo Nine History

Bamboo Nine was established in 2014, because we wanted to do things differently. Our focus is directed into three main aspects of our business ethos… customer service, technology, and transparency.

Never deviating from our company ethics, we have evolved into an established Premier Google Partner and a Google Ads Certified Agency with a 90% client retention rate. 

How have we achieved this? Apart from offering unrivalled customer service and a transparent Google Ads experience, we have invested in sophisticated call tracking technology Mediahawk, as well as have our own in-house tools to support our experts delivering outstanding results.

Our Story

We set up our agency because we believed we could do things better. We could be more transparent, we could be more engaged, we could utilise better technology… and we could build a brand that stands for ethical digital marketing.

We have achieved this and more. By switching our focus to the clients we have proved that organic growth is the way to establish Bamboo Nine in the marketplace. Our clients need us to guide them… and when we do this right it becomes a ‘win-win’ for both parties.

Your Paid Media Team

Chris Rivera


Ian Robins


Zak Pashen Portrait Photo

Zak Pashen

Head of Paid Media

Chris Johnson Portrait Photo

Chris Johnson

Head of Technical

Denise Fakka Portrait Photo

Denise Facca

Paid Media Manager

Marcio Roxo

Junior Paid Search Analyst

Harry Makins Portrait Photo

Harry Makins

Paid Search Analyst


Olwyn Walsh

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Thom Wilson Portrait Photo

Thom Wilson

Paid Search Analyst

Joe Greet Portrait Photo

Joe Greet

Paid Search Analyst

Elena Browning Portrait Photo

Elena Browning

Paid Search Analyst

Team photo missing

Team photo missing

Tom Haynes

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Team photo missing

Tom Haynes

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Google Ads Set Up

The following aims to outline what we do, what you should expect to see from your set up and how we deliver ROI for our loyal customers. We run a ‘SKAG’ model, which means we use single keyword ad groups to give our clients the most detailed and professional set up they can have. Your campaign manager can explain this tactic in more detail.

When we set up a campaign, you will see variations of the following:

An optional ‘Brand’ campaign – to make sure you are visible for your brand searches. We do this because you own more real-estate on the search engine results page (SERP). Lastly, your competition may be bidding on your name and we don’t want them to be number one for your brand.

An optional ‘Competitor’ campaign, targeting your rivals. This campaign can highlight to someone looking for your competition, that you are around, and offer a similar service.

National campaigns [NAT] targeting the whole of the UK focusing on relevant keywords – But, always with a geographical keyword attached.

For example:
“digital agency brighton”

We do this because regardless of the location of the potential customer, if they include in their search a geographical keyword, then the physical location they are in when making that search is redundant.

Geographically targeted campaigns [GEO], with non-geographic keywords targeted around a proposed radius related to your services.

For example:
“digital agencies”

If the search is conducted in an area you serve (for example a 20-mile radius of your location) and they don’t include a location such as ‘brighton’ (for example) – then you’ll want to be visible for this keyword also.

As a standard, we also set up:

  • Audience focused and targeted campaigns
  • A cross-device and platform bidding strategy
  • SEO/PCC integrated campaigns (as needed)
  • Bing Ads campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns

This is a very general overview, as each campaign is unique and bespoke to your needs. Once the campaign is structured, we will talk you through what we’ve done, why we’ve done it… and then we will welcome any feedback from yourselves.

As Standard

Text Adverts:

Our text ads will reflect your standing in the market along with your unique selling points and ‘call to actions’ – which will assist in delivering an impressive CTR (Click-Through Rate). We always set up a minimum of 3 ETA’s (Expanded Text Ads) per ad group, with unique and compelling Sitelink Extensions, Callout Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions.

Remarketing & Display:

We may also recommend a remarketing campaign, to show an advert with more rich content to anyone who visits your website, and then leaves (but didn’t purchase or enquire). This will be explained in more detail, but we believe this strategy will be beneficial for branding purposes as well as revenue. We recommend you setting up a remarketing audience library in Google Analytics to start collecting the data, or we can do this for you.


Full Integration:

We make sure we integrate your Google Ads campaign with Google Analytics, Call Tracking (Mediahawk) and any other 3rd party software needed.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Campaigns (PLA’s):

If you have an eCommerce site, a Product Listing Ads strategy is also recommended.

Our eCommerce specialists run multiple PLA campaigns across many different sectors and markets. 

PLA’s are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital landscape and we’d love to introduce this to you. Our experts can provide recommendations on product feed optimisation, build sophisticated and revenue-driving campaigns and integrate Shopping and Search to drive the best performance.

Do you have an existing Google Shopping campaign running? If so, ask about our optimisation techniques.

Proposed Budget

We base a recommended monthly Google Ads budget based on three aspects:

  • The average CPC (Cost-per-Click) of keywords.
  • How competitive your industry is.
  • Your expectations regarding ROI, ROAS or other KPI’s.

Based on this we suggest a minimum Google Ads budget of ‘x’ per month. This budget is broken down on the email sent to you.

The spend is reviewed daily by the Paid Media Team and tweaks and optimisation will go into decreasing wastage and improving your return on investment. We will never aim to exceed the monthly budget unless discussed beforehand.

Campaign Creation Feeds

All Bamboo Nine set up fees are a ONE-OFF PAYMENT, PLUS VAT.

Google Lead Gen Campaigns: (NOT including integration fee)

  • LESS than £1,000 Monthly Budget (£300 + VAT)
  • £1,001 to £1,500 Monthly Budget (£400 + VAT)
  • £1,501 to £5,000 Monthly Budget (£500 + VAT)
  • £5,001 or more Monthly Budget (£750 + VAT)

eCommerce Campaigns: (NOT including integration fee)

  • LESS than 100 Products (£600 + VAT)
  • 101 to 500 Products (£750 + VAT)
  • 501 to 2000 Products (£1,000 + VAT)
  • 2001 or more Products (£2,000 + VAT)

Social Campaigns: (NOT including integration fee)

  • 1st Campaign (£300 + VAT)
  • Each subsequent/ additional campaign after the 1st (£200 + VAT)

Technical Set Up Fees:

  • Technical Integration/ Tracking Fee (£200 + VAT)

This includes setting up Mediahawk phone tracking (if required), creating goals/events on site and in Analytics, and pulling through to Google Ads.

Management Monthly Fees

Paid Media Management Fees:

We charge based on monthly spend on Google Ads.

Lead Gen and/or eCommerce Campaign:

  • £0 to £1,500 Monthly Budget (£300 + VAT)
  • £1,500 to £30,000 Monthly Budget (20% of Google Ads spend + VAT)
  • £30,000 to £100,000 (Negotiable via Directors) 

Social Campaigns:

  • If the campaign has an end date (up to 28 days), no management fee is charged 
  • If the campaign has an end date (more than 28 days), the management fee will be bespoke (£200 + VAT)
  • If the campaign is ongoing, the management fee will begin in the 2nd month and if spend is less than £1,500 (£200 + VAT)
  • If the campaign is ongoing, the management fee will begin in the 2nd month and if spend is £1,500 or more (20% of Platform spend + VAT)

Technical Support Fees

Technical Support Fee (£100 + VAT per hour)

If a client wishes for us to assist in any technical support, whether that be website issues, tracking etc.

We have a fixed fee of £100 + VAT per hour.

At the discretion of our Head of Technical, if this is a small job, we won’t charge you.

Fees Broken Down

What your Management Fees Cover:

  • 24/7 customer service. We mean this.
  • Daily monitoring
  • Weekly reporting (as needed)
  • Monthly reporting (as needed)
  • Quarterly reviews (as needed)
  • Ongoing keyword bid optimisation
  • Ongoing search query analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Forecasting and seasonal budget recommendations (as needed)

Other Costs

We always recommend our clients use call tracking. This allows us to track not just how many incoming calls we generate, but we can understand what keywords are driving the calls. When we know this, we can optimise more intelligently – and spend your budget on better performing keywords.

This service costs £50 per month via Mediahawk. You pay direct to Mediahawk, so you know we don’t make money off this necessity.

This is an agency rate, and if you went direct to Mediahawk, you’d pay at least 100% more for this service. 

How we Invoice

Once you’ve decided that you would like to work with Bamboo Nine, we’ve discussed your campaign’s strategy and you’re happy for us to begin your build, our Accounts Team will set you up as a new account and invoice you for the setup fee and the first month’s management fee.

Once this is paid, we then start the campaign build.

The recurring invoice then starts 30 days after the launch of the campaign. 

Why Choose Bamboo Nine

  • Premier Google Ads Partner
  • No contracts
  • An ethical & transparent agency
  • No hidden margins
  • You own your data
  • You pay Google direct
  • You see everything we do – communication fro us is key
  • Call tracking (recommended)
  • Passion. We care.

What our clients have to say

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bamboo Nine; they did exactly what we asked them to do and more in a very short space of time and it was a pleasure working with Zak Pashen, Chris Rivera and their Head of Technical, Chris Johnson.

Ian Parrish, Bourne Leisure

I have been extremely pleased with the quality of lead generation that our PPC campaign has given us. We are consistently visible on the first page of google for all of our targeted search terms and the fact that over half of our business comes from google shows how well it works. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bamboo Nine to any escape room looking to increase online visibility and sales because they definitely know what they’re doing!

Phil Harris, Pier Pressure

We have worked with Bamboo Nine for over 4 years and they are always on the end of the phone and happy to answer questions we have, not just PPC questions! Their customer service is honestly amazing and we see Chris as a part of our business. Our campaigns are run ever so well and long may our relationship continue.

Charlotte Thompson, Thames RIB Experience

Bamboo Nine, we love our new site! You took our brief and blew us away. The feedback from our clients about our website has been extremely positive and we have already won contracts on the strength of it. We can’t thank you enough!

Francesca Coleman-Carr, Sash Windows London Ltd

I trust Bamboo Nine because they always go the extra mile for us. Their service and more importantly, their results; is why we are loyal to them. We expect a lot, and they deliver.

Daniel Humphreys, Sure Removals

I never have to worry about my campaign. Every day I get leads, which is what I want. I know they are working behind the scenes daily to improve the campaign even more so and I appreciate the fact I can get on and run my business while they do their thing.

Dom Fagan, Concrete Flooring Solutions

Since I’ve worked with Bamboo Nine, our Goggle Shopping campaign and PPC campaign has improved drastically and we now get the leads in to the business that we want and need, rather than just clicks to our website. The guys are always on the ball and always contactable and due to the success of my PPC campaign, I have introduced Bamboo Nine to other companies with my full recommendation.

Ali Sik, Stone and Wood Shop

They do what they say they’ll do, and they do it well. I have complete faith and trust in Chris and his team.

Alan Read, Ames Group