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How Much Content Should You Write?

How Much Content Should You Write?

Writing content is difficult. It can be hard keeping your voice unique, as well as creating fresh new content ideas every day. It is true that good content tends to attract an audience. However, the first question on most marketers’ minds is: How often should we post content? The answer is: As often as possible. Content marketing is being used by 86% of all businesses today. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to building an audience. It can be a long, winding road. But when you utilise proven copywriting techniques to create your online content, you will find that your readers will:

  • Subscribe to your content
  • Share it with others

There is a big audience out there for nearly every topic under the sun. But there is an equal number of companies and brands competing for them. You need to stand out. You only have a short time-frame to grab people’s attention and make an impact with your content. The frequency of posting content will vary for every company. Although we cannot give you a set figure for how much content you should write, our main piece of advice would be to be consistent.

Be Consistent

Consistency means success. It isn’t hard to come up with one great blog post, or maybe even two. But having great ideas hit you week after week is a completely different story. If you aren’t posting your content with regularity, you readers won’t know what to expect. Set out to establish a rhythm. Consistency pays off. Rather than publishing only when you have something to say, publish with regularity so that your readers can have the comfort and reliability of knowing what to expect. Consistency is one commonality among the most successful bloggers in the world.
Consistency is one of the most important ways businesses can distinguish themselves from their competitors is through consistency. Producing high-quality, consistent content helps brands establish themselves as leaders in their industry. The regularity at which you post content has a direct influence on how credible people think you are. The more the consistency, the more the credibility. Also, the longer you produce content the more you are legitimised as a business.

Publish on Social Media Platforms 

Publishing on social media is one of the best ways to get followers and drive traffic to your new blog posts. Since platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are mostly free, it gives you a hassle-free way to reach your audience. You shouldn’t just post your content and leave it. You need to engage with your followers by asking questions in your captions and then responding to their answers. This helps you create more personal relationships with your social media followers and a more engaged group of followers. The more people you can actively involve and encourage to comment on your blog posts will increase the attractiveness for others who want to contribute. Post regularly, at the same time each day to increase your following. So, what time of day is best to post content of social media?


  • Research suggests that publishing 20 posts per month on LinkedIn enables a company to reach 60% of its audience.
  • Experts suggest posting at noon, so you can increase your chances of catching business professionals on their lunch break.


Virtually every company has at least some experience with posting on this site. Generally, the best thing to do is to post between one and two times a day during the week. The great thing about Facebook is that it rewards you for posting engaging content. If something you post is well-received by your audience, it will sit on top of their newsfeed for much longer. This can deliver hours or even days of value.


  • According to Track Social, the ideal is between 4 and 15 tweets per day for businesses that cater to multiple time zones, and about 4 times a day for local companies.
  • Tweeting during the lunch hour may provide you with a large audience.

Know Your Audience 

The most important thing in content creation is to know your audience. If you are posting with regularity, you should be posting things your audience wants to read. Therefore, the most you know about your target audience, the easier you will find it to reach them and the sooner the number of content views will increase. If your views and interaction rates are higher on some posts than others, this might be the direction you should take your content in. Let your audience lead the way in your content creation so that it is focused and aimed at the right people. Building your audience is a recurring task for any business. Hence why knowing your audience well can really help you succeed.

Your Voice 

Everyone has a voice that is unique to them. Your voice will make you stand out from the crowd. It is important to ask yourself whether your content is unique. It always pays to be engaging and create posts that ask questions, inherit a response or highlight an individual. It is hard to make people care about a topic that you don’t care about yourself. It is even harder to hold their attention if you don’t know what you are talking about. Focusing on engaging posts will help build a better connection with your company and audience.


Publishing content regularly is a proven way to increase your audience and the reach of your content. With social media platforms, there are specific times that posting your content could be most effective (as we have mentioned above). However, our biggest piece of advice would be to publish your content with consistency. If you can publish good quality and engaging content often, you can become an authority that attracts an audience and keeps them engaged all the way through to converting customers. Ultimately, the object of your content marketing should be, first and foremost, to serve your community. Stay consistent, reliable and unique!