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Pubs in Brighton We Love

Recently at Bamboo Nine, we had a company social in the form of a local pub crawl. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond with the team, while exploring some of the best pubs Brighton had to offer. Below are some of the pubs we ended up at along the way.

The Windmill Pub

The Windmill Pub is Bamboo Nine’s hangout. Directly opposite our office, the call of Nonna’s Italian Cichetti menu is strongest around lunchtime, when numerous members of our team head over for a burger during their lunch break. Occasionally, we will meet with long-standing clients for a catch-up on their campaigns and a drink. And when Friday rolls around, we often head over for a company social in the evening.

The Windmill Pub is one of the best places to hangout in Brighton. Reasonably quiet during weekdays, it is the ideal place to cosy down on a sofa and lose yourself in a good book. During the evening’s, the pub becomes a buzzing local attraction with locals flooding through its doors. The staff are all wonderfully friendly and we have certainly built up a good relationship with many of them over the years.

Contact them if you would like to book a table or simply pop by for a drink – you may even see our team in their enjoying a social, so come by and say hello.

The Lion and Lobster

The Lion and Lobster is one of the oldest pubs in Brighton. We love the fact that it is spread over three floors and has plenty of hidden spaces, extra rooms and curious items which help it feel like home. The Lion and Lobster makes you feel immediately at home and we loved spending time as a team sat on the hidden terrace enjoying a Gin & Tonic. It’s definitely worth a visit to The Lion and Lobster, its unique and homely atmosphere is the perfect place to meet with a group of friends. The long opening hours also mean there is no need to watch the clock.

The Craft Beer Company

Rated by Trip Advisor as “The best pub in Brighton.”
The Craft Beer Company, in our humbled opinion, serves some of the best burgers in Brighton and has the largest selection of craft beer, wine and spirits. The kitchen serves food 7 days a week, including a tasty roast on Sundays. All food produce is sourced locally. This pub is just up the road from us and a few of our team will pop in after work, occasionally, for a drink or two before the commute home. If you like craft beer and excellent food, this pub is one of the best.
Contact them to book your table today, or simply pop buy for a pint and one of their famed burgers.

The Crescent 

Here at Bamboo Nine, we recently had a new member join our ever-expanding team to work on company coding (amongst other things). So, to welcome him to the team, we took him out for a pub lunch at The Crescent Pub, Brighton. This pub is located at the heart of Seven Dials and serves us some incredible food, with generous portions. The pub also welcomes dogs, which we love! (side note: we would love an office dog but we probably don’t have the space).

The Crescent is a wonderful sun trap on hot days and we enjoyed sitting out in the garden with our burgers and drinks. The Crescent’s extensive range of spirits is impressive, especially their selection of gin!

This pub is a must! Get in touch with them today to book a table, or simply pop along for a pint.

The Brunswick

The Brunswick is another pub we ended up at on our company pub crawl. This pub has been transformed through an extensive refurbishment and has become one of the premier music and arts venues in Hove. The service was friendly when we visited and the drinks on offer were great value for money. The Brunswick has lots of available space on offer, with large gardens and numerous meetings rooms. There is something to suit everyone.

The curved bays, turret roofs and brass crittal style windows make this pub the unique property it is. Built in the 1930’s, this pub retains its historical aesthetics and much of the original panelling has been rescued and restored during the refurbishment. Check out The Brunswick and discover the community atmosphere.

The Western Bar

The Western Pub is set in the heart of Brighton and is host to regular live sessions, extended DJ sets and the second floor is even available for hire! The pub is known for its late-night vibes and it certainly attracts plenty of visitors daily. Simply visit Churchill Square and see the people crowded at tables outside, to discover how popular The Western Bar is to those of us who call Brighton home.

To taste some of the best beers in Brighton, discover the extensive collection of vodka and be inspired with the industrial décor, check out The Western Pub.

Final Words

The above pubs are worth checking out, seriously. We have tried-and-tested all the above and so we can say with certainty, these pubs are great! Give them a try and let us know what you think. If there are any pubs in Brighton you would recommend, leave us a comment below, we love Brighton pubs and we can’t wait to discover more!