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Captain’s Craftworks

carpenter working on wood in a workshop

About Captain’s Craftworks

Captain’s Craftworks is a small, Nottinghamshire-based business selling handcrafted wooden furniture. Due to significant competition, their focus is on providing a high-quality, bespoke service and selling a larger volume of high-value items.

Our Solution

  • We restructured the Performance Max campaigns to prioritise high-value items and allocated the budget accordingly. This allowed us to create highly targeted ad copy and utilise specific assets related to the products to improve Ad Relevance and targeting.
  • To improve the targeting, efficiency and overall performance of the campaigns, we set up conversion tracking across all possible touchpoints, feeding Google’s AI and machine learning with comprehensive and complete data about the customer journey.
  • We also created audience signals to guide the automation to target a more considered audience pool and, as we collate more data on the ideal audience, we will continue to adapt this targeting strategy.

Our Results – Q2 2023 vs. 2022

  • The CMP is implemented at the bottom of the page and allows users to navigate without accepting or declining it. This automatically makes them unable to be tracked back to Google Ads. Without an accurate conversion tracking set-up previously implemented, it is also difficult to compare channel-specific revenue data YoY. Therefore, we are reporting on total revenue.
  • After consolidating the Performance Max campaigns and removing the Smart campaigns, YoY there has been a 33% increase in total revenue driven, a 32% decrease in impressions, a 53% increase in clicks, and a 129% increase in CTR. This demonstrates that we are showing to a more relevant audience with higher purchasing intent.


Total revenue driven







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