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Rubber4Roofs is a family run business supplying roofing systems and materials to professionals and DIY customers. Due to high competition, their main focus is high profit margin by expanding sales at a low cost.

Our Solution

In 2020 our target was to increase revenue by 20% YoY while maintaining a strong ROAS of 5.1 within our search and shopping campaigns. This was following three years of us already managing the campaigns, which held continuous yearly growth in revenue and overall performance from PPC.

We achieved this by restructuring our search campaigns using single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) and by prioritising the most competitive keywords within a singular campaign. This way we managed to maintain a high visibility for the best performing keywords while having full control of the budget. We also implemented responsive search ads, which allowed us to provide more USPs and information to compel the user to click.

We also created a smart shopping campaign which is a combination of shopping (product listing) ads and display ads, to advertise the bestselling products. This campaign enabled us to show the most profitable products for a wide audience across Google Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

We additionally created standard shopping campaigns to advertise low performing products in order to keep CPC’s very low as well as to ensure that the products only appear to the most relevant searches.


2020 vs. 2019

  • In the first two quarters of 2020 traffic increased by 80% YoY, leading to a 36% increase in revenue and 32% increase in ROAS at 7.9.
  • Search and shopping campaign revenue increased by 44% YoY and 78% respectively while cost decreased by 20% for search and only increased by 3% for shopping campaigns.
  • Due to the high demand throughout the year and the COVID-19 pandemic, stock became an issue and most campaigns were paused. Having said that, for the entire year, revenue was down 7% and Paid Media spend was down 51%.

What Rubber4Roofs said about us

There are many companies that claim they can improve your traffic and conversation rate and there are a rare few that possess the talent to back this claim up. Bamboo Nine’s attitude of never settling and always looking to outperform their previous years achievements for me makes them one of our best business partners and an organisation that shares our pursuit of excellence within the online marketplace.

Tom Cullingford, MD, R4R

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