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The Gift and Gadget Store

The Gift and Gadget Store

The Gift and Gadget Store sell a huge range of gifts, gadgets, toys, games and branded merchandise. Due to the nature of the business, they have very strict ROI targets to reach in order to drive profitable sales, often in the ranges of revenue targets being up to 10x the spend. Their goal was to continue to increase revenue each month throughout the year, without taking a hit on ROI.

Our Solution

With product AOV being so small, it was imperative that the CPC was as low as possible in order to drive the highest ROI available. This meant splitting out over 4,000 products into individual ad groups, and ensuring that only the most relevant searches were eligible for ads to serve, with the highest levels of intent, using Google and Microsoft Ads Shopping campaigns.

Once the highest performers in terms of ROI had maximised visibility, the next step was to utilise separate campaigns with the same products in, but allowing different, lower ROI searches that had a broader intent, then using these campaign types in tandem to capitalise on peak seasonal periods, but maintaining the ROI required.


January 2020 to October 2020


increase in PPC revenue, from £200,875 to £322,056


CPC decrease from £0.13 to £0.09


increase in clicks from 213,927 to 262,022


ROI increase from 7.2 to 13.2

What The Gift and Gadget Store said about us

Working with Bamboo Nine has really helped to drive sales for us in 2020. Google Ads is such an important area of our business and it’s great to have found a smaller, local agency able to increase engagement stats such as clicks driven and our click through rate, in addition to ultimately increasing our revenue.

Sally Gamester, PA to The Gift and Gadget Store Directors

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