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Gift bag Shop are an e-commerce company with multiple domains that rely on a strong presence on Google, especially Google Shopping. After “kissing a few frogs” they needed an agency that were available at a drop of a hat and were adaptable in an ever changing landscape.

Our Solution

Due to the huge variety of products available on site, our strategy was fight low-cost rivals through shopping ads. To succeed, Bamboo Nine team implemented Smart Shopping campaigns across the account which allowed us to show products across Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail.

As the machine learning uses a wide range of auction-time signals including device, location, time of day, remarketing list and language, our products appear to the right user at the right time, leading to a strong conversion rate.


Our shopping campaign drives 74% of the overall PPC revenue alongside a strong ROAS of 7.9. This led to an outstanding overall result during September 2020 vs. same period last year:


Conversion rate increase


CPC decreased from £0.20 to £0.09


Sales increase


Revenue increase

What Gift Bag Shop said about us

Having been with Bamboo nine for over a year now, we have experienced positive sales growth, but what sets them apart is their communication and helpfulness. They go above and beyond, unlike most companies. Our particular account manager is always available to us to answer any questions and to keep us moving in the right direction. Thanks Bamboo Nine!  

Deborah Tarry, Managing Director, Not Just Balloons

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