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Brighton Bike Sheds

Brighton Bike Sheds

Brighton Bike Sheds was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing attractive, sustainable and secure bicycle storage made by hand in the UK using the best materials available.

To help increase their market share and become a leading brand within the market, Brighton Bike Sheds needed an agency that would focus on the bottom line, driving positive ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for the business.

Our Solution

Through our initial onboarding process, we identified the unique selling points that made Brighton Bike Sheds stand out from the crowd, this allowed us to create highly relevant, persuasive ads to advertise across the Google Network.

Using a SKAG account structure allowed us to create ads that mirrored user search terms by containing the keyword within both the headline and the description. Not only did this increase the relevancy between the users search and the ad, leading to higher than average click-through-rates. It also allowed us to increase the Quality Score of the ads, providing a discount in the ads auction

Due to the longer user journey towards purchase as a result of the cost of the product, we created re-marketing display ads to keep the brand forefront in the mind of potential customers and drive them back to the site to purchase

Our Results

Since launching the campaigns in March 2019, we have seen significant performance increases when comparing YoY performance, as a result of ongoing incremental optimisation.

  • 10.87% click-through-rate across the search campaigns (a 54.61% increase)
  • £20.90 cost per conversion (a 56.97% decrease)
  • 418% increase in revenue, for only an 89% increase in cost
  • An account ROAS of 24.11 (meaning for every £1 spent, £24.11 was driven in revenue)

What Brighton Bike Sheds said about us

Harry and Bamboo Nine have been a major part of the growth that Brighton Bike Sheds has seen over the past year despite the challenging circumstances. They have always been on hand to answer any questions or queries and have always acted with the best interests of my business in mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a digital marketing partner to help drive their business forward.

Aaron Priestman, Owner, Brighton Bike Sheds

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