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Fulham Timber & Building Supplies

About Fulham Timber & Building Supplies

Fulham Timber & Building Supplies, a leading supplier in the construction industry, aimed to enhance their digital advertising performance. They sought to increase trade and retail revenues from in-store and via eCommerce sales.

Fulham Timber serves as a prime illustration of Bamboo Nine’s proficiency in working with builders merchants. Together, we identified pivotal areas for digital advancement and executed precisely targeted, scalable campaigns that effectively harness profit centers. This strategic alliance has empowered Fulham Timber to broaden its clientele and solidify its position as an essential supplier of top quality building materials, catering to both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Bamboo Nine’s merchant-focused, data-driven approach has delivered impressive returns by connecting Fulham Timber’s product inventory to high-intent audiences, which has seen fantastic results from partnering together.

Our Solution

  • Campaign Restructuring: By shifting from Search and Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max setups, we focused on harnessing multi-channel reach and product-centric strategies to boost campaign effectiveness.
  • Performance-Driven Budget Allocation: By rigorously reviewing and allocating budgets based on the performance of each campaign, we strategically increased sales, especially in the highest-margin campaigns.
  • Regular Ad Updates: Consistently updating ad copies and visuals, we maintained relevance and appeal in a competitive environment, targeting a refined audience with a strong propensity to convert.

Our Results

  • Sales Uplift: Fulham Timber & Building Supplies witnessed a remarkable increase in sales, marking a significant 35% Year-over-Year (YoY) increase compared to the previous year’s sales.
  • Revenue Surge: Achieved a substantial 30% YoY increase in total revenue, climbing. This boost was a direct result of the campaign changes implemented throughout the past year.
  • Performance Metrics Growth: Recorded impressive metrics growth compared to the previous year, including a 41% increase in conversion rate and a 20% rise in click-through rate. These metrics highlighted the effective targeting of a refined, high-intent audience likely to convert.
  • ROAS Improvement: Experienced a notable 35% YoY increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), signifying the success of the campaign restructuring and targeted budget allocation strategies.

What Fulham Timber & Building Supplies said about us

I can confidently say that they have exceeded all my expectations as a marketing agency. If you’re in search of a reliable and highly knowledgeable team to take your brand to the next level, look no further – Bamboo Nine is the way to go.

One of the standout features of Bamboo Nine’s services is the level of personal attention they provide. When you engage with them, you not only get a talented team of specialists but also an attentive account manager who keeps a close eye on your brand’s progress. This synergy between an account manager and a team of specialists ensures that everyone is on the same page and fully aware of what’s happening with your brand at all times.

In addition to their impressive technical expertise, Bamboo Nine’s team is a joy to work with. They are not just marketing professionals, but also friendly and collaborative individuals who are passionate about what they do. This positive attitude and teamwork make the entire process enjoyable and productive.

Overall, I can’t recommend Bamboo Nine enough to anyone seeking a marketing agency that delivers exceptional results, fosters open communication, and truly cares about the success of your brand. Our experience with Bamboo Nine has been nothing short of fantastic.

Muri Hassan

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