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Welcome to Bamboo Nine

Google Partner and an AdWords Certified Agency:
By investing in the market leading bid management software and sophisticated call tracking technology, it has meant we have taken AdWords management to a new level. Not only are we able to see which keywords are driving you conversions (phone calls and online submit forms) but with this knowledge, we disperse your budget across the keywords that we know have 100% converted for you. We have evolved from a humble PPC agency into a full digital service agency offering SEO, Web Design and more, but our roots are in Paid Search; as well as our passion.

Why Bamboo Nine?

Choosing a digital agency to work with can be a daunting task. All us agencies claim to be the best! However, we won’t bore you with the technology we implement, the experience we have, the results we have delivered. Our success (and why we believe you should work with us) is our passion. We never allocate clients ‘set times’ to work on their campaigns, we don’t have a ‘typical response time’. We are available 24/7 and our clients know if they ask for something to be done… it’s done straight away.


Bamboo Nine Team

Bamboo Nine started as a humble Pay Per Click company. We invested in the best bid management software in the market, along with the best call tracking technology. By doing so, we are able to offer all our clients the complete PPC service. Since our launch we have not just invested in our technology, but our staff, and we have a team of account managers, designers and developers.

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